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    Got this from my corporate security team today

    Normally I don’t bother with this stuff, but this is a really bad dog. Easy to get, nearly impossible to get rid of. Be very careful with links in emails. Hover your mouse over the link to see if it resembles where it claims to be from before clicking. This is bad. It’s format and reinstall bad...
  2. superdave1984

    New to me vehicle coming soon

    OK, my Jeep will be gone this weekend. Sad to see it go, but it's just not practical with 4 kids. So here are my current options for something new. Baseline : 1997 Jeep Cherokee Manliness score=10/10 V-8 engine, stupid amount of horsepower, lifted, 4x4, big tires, you get the idea. Practicality...
  3. superdave1984

    Rear seats

    Looking at an 01 Ranger super cab online. Can't tell from the pics (and google hasn't been my friend) but do the rear seats have seatbelts?
  4. superdave1984

    Would you wheel your rig if you were actively trying to sell it?

    Serious question. I am trying to sell my Jeep, but I still have the urge to hit some trails. Would you risk damage and either having to pump more $$ into it that you won't get back (or having to drop the price)? Or do you just keep it clean and ready to show to a prospective buyer?
  5. superdave1984

    She's gone

    Just never had the time to finish it. Had several offers and finally someone showed up with cash. She's going to a good home who will finish her up quite nicely though. :sad: Who knows when I'll have another. Maybe when one of the little ones is old enough and takes an interest.
  6. superdave1984

    Holley Pro-Jection problem

    I am hoping someone on here has used one of these and can shed some light on my issue. It almost HAS to be a ground problem, but here's the scoop. My Jeep Cherokee has a Chevy 350 in it. I loathe the Holley carb on there which says a lot because I'm an old school guy. Anyway, I bought used...
  7. superdave1984

    05 Sport Trac

    I am looking seriously at one of these. What issues should I be aware of? What are the known areas to take into consideration when going over one of these? From what research I have done, the 05 was a pretty significant upgrade in quality over previous models, especially the 03.
  8. superdave1984

    Would like info on Oklahoma

    Never been there, but may be relocating there in the next few months. Would be in the Ponca City area. Would like to know about the area, climate, etc. We have small kids so I need a good neighborhood for them.
  9. superdave1984

    Farewell my friends

    I have a legit offer on the Ranger and I'm gonna take it. I just don't have the time to work on it and it's got to go. She's going to a good home so I'm not worried about her. The new owner's gonna finish the project and hopefully enjoy it for a long time. I hope I have helped some people on...
  10. superdave1984

    Need help finding a doctor

    This is the last contact number I have for her. We no longer use her, but you can give this a try. I think she is with Baptist now. 901-755-4110 I tracked her down from her UT Memphis email address. Look there too. Good luck!
  11. superdave1984

    A HUGE information source online

    Found this via a CL ad the other day. Tons of info here. http://www.roadkillcustoms.com/Hot-Rods-Rat-Rods/garage-shop-reference.asp
  12. superdave1984

    Tow package

    This is in the parking lot at work today. I'm certain this is an ultra rare dealer installed option and probably cost tens of dollars. Sorry for the large size. Yes, those two bolts hold the whole thing on. I looked.
  13. superdave1984

    Make your RBV into a hybrid?

  14. superdave1984

    Drywall help/advice needed

    So we closed in our carport and made a bedroom. Hired a reputable guy who we had used for other stuff in the past. The carport had vinyl siding on the walls, he took that off and underneath was tongue and groove pine siding. Under that is tar paper then 1x6 planks then studs. This was on 3...
  15. superdave1984

    Fuel gauge

    So when I bought this monster 97 XJ (350/700R4 combo with a carb) I am driving, I knew the fuel gauge was not working. No biggie. So I get an Intellitronix digital gauge and a universal sender and install them. Works great. Except.....the gauge is all over the place because of the fuel sloshing...