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  1. Leaf springs

    it is a 4.0l v6 RWD xlt !
  2. Leaf springs

    Hey there, Need to replace broken leaf spring, It is 2nd leaf spring, (middle of tier of 3) There is a shop going to do replacement and another shop making up the spring. Was asked for length of leg for the u bolts but replacement shop is too busy to get that info to me. Wondering if anyone is...
  3. 97 Ranger XLT rwd wheel + tire sizes.

    So not recommended to go bigger than 14inch rim? or if I go 15 inch rim get smaller profile for tire??
  4. 97 Ranger XLT rwd wheel + tire sizes.

    Here is the door tag. could you point me in the right direction?
  5. 97 Ranger XLT rwd wheel + tire sizes.

    Hey all, I have a 1997 ford ranger XLT RWD. 4.0L V6. It currently has 225/70/R14s on it. I'd like to get a bigger rim/tire, just wondering what my options are and any suggestions would be appreciated ! Thanks in advance
  6. 1997 Ranger fuel leak when full

    Thank you guys all so much for all the info, I super appreciate the help and will post here to tell you all how it goes. Might not get to it for a few days but wish me luck!
  7. 1997 Ranger fuel leak when full

    Thank you again, Would that require me to remove the box of the truck? or is there a way to get up in there before I do that?
  8. 1997 Ranger fuel leak when full

    Thank you ! :) and awesome, I have been reading around and that is what some posts have been saying. Thank you guys for the quick response ! Would the filler neck also come with the Vent hose or is that the same/different part? (sorry for my lack of knowledge, learner here) The gas only leaks...
  9. 1997 Ranger fuel leak when full

    Hey there, I am new to this site, not sure if I am posting in the correct spot. I recently bought a 1997 4.0L V6 2wd ranger. When I went to fill up the tank with gas, I noticed as soon as it clicked letting me know it was full, a stream of gas was coming from what looked like the top of the...

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