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  1. Photos of different wheel/tire sizes on stock and lowered 2WD's

    Stock 98 4 banger on 31x10.5s -38 offset
  2. 1st Ranger 98 XLT Ranger

    yea the plywood does sound cool also in the way that it would protect the bed while still being usable. the one thing I do not want to do is ever rhinoline this bed or anything like that, I really like it with its original paint. but yea I though of a couple sandbags too I dont drive very far...
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  12. Comment by 'skl1cent' in media 'fordrangerlowered.jpg'

    I think the single rangers look really good lowered too!
  13. 1988 Ranger Restoration - Keeping a Promise

    nice build man, cant wait to see how she turns out
  14. 1st Ranger 98 XLT Ranger

    hahah thanks guys! I know!!! I looked up the wheels alone and their worth around 250/pc I totally lucked out on this truck. the only thing I do hate is that the rear is not locked, b/c any little bit of rain she spins first gear super easy LOL I got some better tires coming for it. I want to...