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  1. SenorNoob

    D35 swap driveshaft length

    What transfer case you have? If it's the 1350, then there was a factory shaft from a Ranger with the FM145 or maybe TK5 that was already an inch shorter.
  2. SenorNoob

    Question about Engine/Transmission Spacer Plate Compatibility (and where to get a replacement!)

    Actually no. The starter is in a different place on the auto vs manual.
  3. SenorNoob

    Black With Blue Forum Style Template

    FYI: If you had that set, it defaults to a very jarring white on next login.
  4. SenorNoob

    Cylinder head question

    I'm gonna recommend replacement heads pre-assembled in this case. Check ebay for rebuilt parts (probably from Odessa) or local junkyards for used ones. I'd seriously wanna know why valves are bad on an 04. Run with no exhaust? High miles?
  5. SenorNoob

    What did you do to your Ranger today? (Part Deux!)

    They look like a hybrid of 90 Ranger and fox-body Mustang.
  6. SenorNoob

    Windshield question

    Dang. Ya'll's winders is expensive. LOL Here I average $175 for new glass installed from the Carlex factory outside of town.
  7. SenorNoob


    All over in Explorers. Not so much Rangers, but; maybe you'll get lucky. The Explorer swap isn't hard if you wanna do it tho. I bought the Ruff Stuff simple swap kit But, just a new pair spring perches and u-bolts will do. You can even use the Explorer spring under plates for the shock mounts if...
  8. SenorNoob

    Adventure offroad park

    Looks like there are couple of them. Seem to be mostly geared to ATVs though.
  9. SenorNoob

    Adventure offroad park

    Sounds reasonable to me. I might have a friend from work coming with 4-wheelers and in-laws there with a couple side by sides.
  10. SenorNoob

    80's Ranger 4x4 for the Trails

    I've had good luck cleaning engines by adding one less quart of oil and using ATF (Dexron/Mercon) for the last quart. Usually washes chunks out the drain plug. Will stop up a filter if you leave it too long tho. I drive it around 100 miles with the ATF in it.
  11. SenorNoob

    Grant steering wheel question

    Grant apparently does offer some aftermarket wheels with airbag support. Might be the way to go.
  12. SenorNoob

    Adventure offroad park

    If you're in middle TN, we might be able to get a regular convoy going from BGKY north..
  13. SenorNoob

    Ummm. Who does this?

    I've seen it done to '93 D21. Was really funny. Almost as funny as the 35-13.50 tires. On an otherwise stock 4cyl truck.
  14. SenorNoob

    Body to frame adjustment

    When I wrecked, my body was far enough off that it damaged the driver fender on the bumper and bounced all the way back into the tire. Soo yeah. It could definitely be off by that much.
  15. SenorNoob

    TRS 2021 Fall Off-Road Round-Up

    Nah. The only website I had was my MySpace, GeoCities, Google Sites mash-up in about 8th 9th grade. I found that with a Google search. I don't intend to get into anything too rough as I gotta drive it back home. So I'll probably be doing as much or more spectating than anything.