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    What's the transfer case hole pattern for '98 and later? 126" w/b 4x4.

    I got a steel one-piece shaft and it bolted right to my Explorer 8.8 and 1350 manual transfer case..
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    1st Gen rangers have 2 fuel filters??

    Wouldn't using just a high-pressure in-tank pump with the smooth bottom tank mean you'd potentially be fuel starved on a long hill with less than half a tank?
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    Dana 28 to Dana 35 swap

    The Explorer calipers and brackets from those years fit the Ranger knuckles tho.
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    1st gen ranger mirror conversion.

    Make a bracket to mount "universal" mirrors? Get some you like and go from there.
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    Weird Ranger...

    Dana 28 manual nuts are different thread size. They do use the same socket though. I have a set of manual hubs for D28 if anybody wants to pay for shipping. Just in my way. I scrapped the axle.
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    1350 vs 1354

    AFAIK, that's the only exterior difference. Maybe someone who's had them apart can tell you more.
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    Is this right??

    Definitely replace 'em. They'll just keep falling out... The rubber in the middle is probably worn out.
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    4x4 axle end parts question

    I had the same problem when I assembled mine. took me two days to get it right. I had to order in the correct spindle seals.
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    Wanted 1st gen fender flares or fenders stock or wider aftermarket

    I'd be interested in seeing that too. I'm having a hard time imagining it.
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    Instrument Panel Lights

    Might be able to look at the traces to follow power/ground? Or leave the bulbs out and provide power/ground to the wires in the diagram?
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    4.0 engine swop in 88 B2

    Hold on. It's not that hard to keep the dash if you want. 91 harness only needs about 7 wires to run and drive. See this post.
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    Wheel options for upgrade

    I've got a set of 16" from a newer Ranger or Explorer that works fine. Actually 2 sets. One steel and one aluminum. Just be wary of the center bore. If you see a large step down on the center it won't fit. Best way I found was to take an extra hub and slide it through the wheel I was trying...
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    Explorer 8.8 to F-150 8.8

    I'd take a tape measure to the backing plate bolts. Probably the same. Only way to know for sure is to try it though.
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    Wanted 1st gen fender flares or fenders stock or wider aftermarket

    From what I can find, custom fit fender flares ended production sometime ago. Since you say you have rust. Might look into these Bushwacker Flares. If that's too rich for you, people have used various forms of plastic trim. (lawn edging, garage door seals, etc.) There's also the junkyard option...
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    D28 to D35 Driveshaft Question

    If you can find a front driveshaft from and FM-145 truck, it's already an inch shorter. Works perfectly. :)