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  1. SenorNoob

    Thicker oil I can run in my 1996 4.0 OHV

    I tried 10w-30 in my 93 4.0 and it was ok when warm, but the first below freezing day the pump just wouldn't. Zero oil pressure. Had to get another ride to work and change it the next day. (Still below freezing. Took an hour to drain.)
  2. SenorNoob

    Dash Lights Partially Not Working

    You can see the traces on that circuit. Follow them around with multimeter till you find the bad spot. They probably all run from 2 pins at the connector.
  3. SenorNoob

    Whitch starter will bolt up to my fm146

    Depends on what clutch/flywheel you used. If it's from a 2.9 the starters are the same. If you "upgraded" to the 4.0 clutch/flywheel you'll need a manual starter from a 4.0. BTW, later models (Not sure how much. Any 4.0 maybe?) auto starter fits the 2.9 clutch/flywheel and is of more compact...
  4. SenorNoob

    I need a driveshaft for an '85 Ranger 2.3L, what fits?

    Ranger 4wd rear driveshaft doesn't have the slip yoke up front. It's in the middle of the shaft. So that's a no go. I'd be surprised if any A4LD slip yoke was different. Probably 4R44E and 5R44E too. Bed/Cab length does matter. It changes wheelbase. But I don't think a long bed was offered...
  5. SenorNoob

    2004 Windshield Wipers not working in intermittent speed and won't turn off

    On that model, would it keep going if it didn't make the "park" position?
  6. SenorNoob

    Wanted pre 93’ 4.0 wiring harness.

  7. SenorNoob

    Wanted pre 93’ 4.0 wiring harness.

    Best guess would be to avoid likelihood of EGR and Cam Position Sensor. Which should also mean batch-fire, not SFI. All together it makes things a bit simpler.
  8. SenorNoob

    Differences Between 93-97 and 98+ Standard Cab Seat Tracks?

    The 88 seats were actually more supportive. The Explorer seats just feel cheap. Like they were made for a Cavalier or something. But my original seats were broken.
  9. SenorNoob

    Dana 35 SLA center pin removal?

    Clip works just like the "friction ring" on an impact wrench.
  10. SenorNoob

    Want to add brush guard

    Considering how much steel has gone up lately, those bumpers may not be as expensive as you think. At least not when compared to buying the materials to make your own. I'm a cheapskate so would be more likely to find something close to the right size and local to make work. Like my bar. Was...
  11. SenorNoob

    How do I keep this from happening?

    Keep an eye out here in the for sale section. Pieces come up individually sometimes. Other than that, can always buy the minimum kit.
  12. SenorNoob

    4.0 wiring harness install

    Definitely sounds like a grounding issue to me.
  13. SenorNoob

    Another new build

    You've been busy. I've had my Ranger for 8 years and still haven't gotten the lift on it yet.
  14. SenorNoob

    O2 Sensor Downstream

    Early 4.0 still only had a single a O2. Mine does. It thinks it's a 92. The engine was from a 93 and had just enough exhaust attached to see it was setup for 2 O2s.
  15. SenorNoob

    2.9 to 4.0

    In an 88, 4.0 swap is a fair bit of custom wiring if you wanna keep your dash. Almost all the mechanical bits swap though. 4.0 can be bolted to 2.9 flywheel, clutch and transmission. The 2.9 clutch will slip before you do too much damage to the transmission.

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