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  1. Mazda B4000 running lean

    Well I've done the intake gaskets and I was still dying. Unplugged maf sensor and it runs so I replaced the maf and still dies when it's plugged up. Anyone to have any ideas?
  2. Mazda B4000 running lean

    Hey everyone ive got a lean issue with my mazda b4000 4.0 v6, that has gradually gotten worse. Originally it would surge then bog and if i feathered the gas eventually itd be stable enough to drive but yesterday it gave out completely and would only start and immediately bog out. ive checked...
  3. Turn but no start

    Hello everyone first post here. Recently got a 98 Mazda b4000 4.0. A couple of times it wouldn't crank up but if i kept trying itd start up,so I talked with a buddy who told me it could be a bad ground so i tested which was ground and tan another ground wire in. Tried starting it and got a spark...