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    school me on air rifles

    I’m surprised Wally World sells pellet guns.
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    Looking for a name

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    Todays weather

    " Yes. Especially after it has been 1 degree for a while and then warms up to a balmy 25. " "Wow, I only need two pairs of underwear today. I might sit outside and eat my lunch." It was 35 yesterday, I didn't even put my coat on to take out the trash. In other news. I got a light dusting...
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    Is 2005 Edge good?

    Doors or no doors, they are both super cab. They are the same size. The doors cost extra, that’s why not all super cabs have them. If you don’t have the doors the jump seats fold into where the door would be, facing the center of the truck. The jump seats where also optional.
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    They must have a big issue with the sheriff getting in trouble if they have a truck dedicated to rescuing him.
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    Is 2005 Edge good?

    I’ve got a torsion bar truck and a coil spring truck. I think the torsion bar rides softer. Both are XLT with 4.0, one 4wd and one 2wd. I’m sure if we looked around we could find spring rates for the coils vs torsion bars. I also think the torsion bars take up a lot of realestate under the...
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    Is 2005 Edge good?

    I don’t don’t think edge adds much to a truck that’s already 4x4. 2wd edge has torsion bar front suspension instead of coil spring though. 4.0 sohc is a good motor.
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    What did you do to your Ranger today? (Part Deux!)

    I need you to measure this bolt, because not I’m really confused. Frankly, I’m more confused that that screwdriver is 1/4” hex then why the bolt is a weird size.
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    Drill bits

    Yeah, those small bits are a giant pita to sharpen. Just toss them away.
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    Drill bits

    I sharpen them on a bench grinder. I do a lot of drilling through stainless at work, that dulls them out pretty fast, so I got decent at it. Look at a new drill bit, then use the grinder to reshape the edge to look like a new drill bit. The nice thing about doing it by hand is you can put...
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    What did you do to your Ranger today? (Part Deux!)

    So 1/4" 6pt socket?
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    Todays weather

    It keeps raining on top of the frozen ground, so much ice. My sidewalk is got like an inch of ice on it.
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    More Bronco hear say.

    I guess if you got the money to buy one, why not use it?
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    If Mercury Made a Ranger?

    Mercury Caisson?
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    Lifted Miata

    Is that a new super hero movie coming out?