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  1. Towing a 2000lb popup?

    I have a 99 3.0/5-speed standard cab with 3.73 open and 120k miles on it. I'd be using a real hitch and electric trailer brakes, not just the bumper. So the 3.0 is running well, but would this comfortably tow a 2000lb (total-with gear) Aliner hard top pop-up camper? It's ok according to Ford...
  2. 1999 Bumper damage.

    Bought a 99 with minor bumper damage. I would probably just live with it except I noticed that the air scoop for the A/C radiator was empty and the radiator was getting beat up by road debris. Lots of bent fins and just a matter of time before the system starts leaking. So: 1. Did the...
  3. Plugs- Autolite AP103?

    Ordered some plugs for the new-to-me Ranger and got the Autolite AP103. While I waiting for my Rockauto order, I saw that they actually recommend double platinums and the AP103 is single (APP103 is double). Is this a problem, or should I spend the extra $35 to go out and get a set of...

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