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  1. Remote start

  2. Redesigned 2022 Toyota Tundra - Awesome?

    I like the new design. I'd probably buy one if dealers weren't so greedy, some in CA are listed for $15k above sticker, though I haven't actually shopped them. Toyota is already proud enough without the markup. My 2021 Ranger seems like such a steal in this market.
  3. Need a daily: Elantra or Sonata?

    If it were me I'd go Sonata just off of size. I'd also lean toward the hybrid if annual mileage justifies it for you.
  4. So much car debt!!!!!

    It like a giant crappy circle. Cars get more expensive so banks start offering longer terms to make them more "affordable". Since the banks are offering longer terms cars get even more expensive, then banks go even longer. It's how you end up with 72 and 84 month loans, or even longer. Add on...
  5. Custom Bronco II on ebay

    Something tells me this won't be hitting it's reserve. Listed on the dealer's site for $39,995 https://www.streetsideclassics.com/vehicles/2717-nsh/1984-ford-bronco-ii
  6. New Truck Thoughts

    If it were me I'd trade (or sell) both and get a new 250 Powerstroke over the 150.
  7. Cars? What do you drive?

    It wasn't a bad experience but it was not a good one. A lot of little things, trim falling off, electronic issues and emissions crap failing. We turned the car in with 43k miles and everything inside rattled. I was absolutely not worth the $55k sticker. If they want to play in that price range...
  8. Cars? What do you drive?

    As someone who has owned 3 G35/37 products between 2004 and 2013 (last G37 made before the Q50) it is, hands down, the most problem free model I have ever owned. We went from the G37 to a QX50 Crossover/SUV lease in 2018 and after turning that lease in we walked away from Infiniti altogether...
  9. Picked up some stock aluminum wheels

    Best bet, IMO, is to sand off the clear coat and any imperfections and then polish. You could spray clear once sanded smooth and then polish the clear, that would be less maintenance work once completed.
  10. 2.3L ('83-'97) 2.3 the good and bad

    I had a 1990 with the 2.3l and manual trans that I bought off a salesman with 200k on it. Made it to 365k miles with basic maintenance, a clutch and a radiator. Trans grenanded, sold it for $800 and I bought a brand new 2001 with the 2.5l, with A/C!
  11. Are Almost Free Boats & PWCs Worth The Price?

    I had a pair of 1989 SeaDoos. 580cc engines. If maintained they were great. I had a buddy somehow get the engine compartment flooded with water and had to rebuild it. Decided to do the other at the same time. Knocked both of them out in a weekend. Rebuild kits are available for as low as $120...
  12. How does weight effect the rear ride height?

    Another options...you could always air down if the weight by itself isn't enough.
  13. '85 Bronco II Paint & Body Thread

    Always nice to be ahead of the curve. Glad things will work out on the job front.
  14. Anyone know of a stillen body kit still around?

    Took some googling but looks like there is one here. $945 https://forged.rpmware.com/stillen/stillen-truck/suv-body-kits/ka4001/i-289321.aspx

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