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  1. tires and rims

    I just picked up a set of remington mud brute tires. 31X10.5x15. For my 87 ranger. 4" suspension and 2 " body lift. Running stock dana 28. Anyhow anyone ever used these tires ? Also I need a set of rimes now. Anyone have any idea how wide of a rim I should use? And what the offset should be...
  2. 4:10 gear change

    I picked up a set of 4:10 ring and pinion for my 7.5. It currently has 3:73 in it. Anyone know if I can use the 4:10s on the 3:73 carrier? I was told the pin is different.
  3. fm145 help!!!

    Hi all, I have a delema I was hopeing to have help with. I have been workin on an 87 ranger 4wd for awhile and am getting it close to finished now. Originally it was an automatic. But I picked up a fm145. After changing the pedals and a few things around as well as tranny crossmember, I realized...
  4. 87 ranger extended brakes lines

    Hi all. I have an 87 ranger i am putting together with a 4" suspension and 2" body lift. I am wanting extended brake lines anyone know what are good ones to use and where to get them? Or what my options are? Whats the best bang for my buck? Thanks in advance.
  5. A4ld to fm145

    I have a few question on a a4ld to fm145 swap on a 87 ranger 4x4 2.9. I have found conflictin answers searching so far. 1) do i need to move the crossmember or is it a different crossmember altogether? 2)with my driveshafts work? Thanks for any help in advance
  6. New screen name

    Can anyone tell me how i can change my screenname here on trs ?thanks
  7. 2.9 won't start

    hi guys i am new here. great site . i was looking for some help at the moment. my 88 bronco II 2.9 wont start, it was running fine and just died on the way homw oneday. the engine will crank but the fuel pump is not turning on. i switched the relay.... nothing. i did use a jumper wire across...

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