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  1. Sell or drive

  2. Sell or drive

    It took a while but I finally got some pictures of the 91 ranger.
  3. Sell or drive

  4. Sell or drive

    Your truck looks AWESOME!!! I think I’ll continue driving this one. It doesn’t really need any fixing up just a good wax job.
  5. Sell or drive

    It was in a garage. We’d run it a little in the summers but that was about it. According to my uncle, even the tires are original. (I had them looked at by a guy at the local tire shop and he said they don’t show any cracking so go ahead and drive with them)
  6. Sell or drive

    This was my uncles truck. It’s been in his garage pretty much since he got it it ‘91. I’ve been driving it this summer. Haven’t seemed to have any problems. I’ll keep driving it. It is a nice little truck.
  7. Sell or drive

    I’ll post some pictures when I get some time. Thanks!!
  8. Sell or drive

    Hi!! I have a 1991 4 cylinder Ranger that only has 16,000 original miles. Everything on this truck is original except the front brakes and the battery. Just wondering if this truck is worth trying to sell or if I should just drive it around and enjoy it. Any thoughts???