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  1. prerunner

    The Superdoodie

    I won't lie to you all. A) I'm not sure TRS is the place for this build. and B) I'm not certain this should be a build at all. and of course, C) Like all my other builds this will be excruciatingly long. Also note that at the moment I don't have a camera so until I budget that in you don't...
  2. prerunner

    01 Mazda B3000 D60 SAS

    The Ford Superduty springs are designed to hold up the weight of a Superduty and your B3000 is much lighter so it would be very stiff. Maybe unbearably so. You could try removing a leaf to soften it up but you might not like that either. Best guess (from me, there are guys here that might have...
  3. prerunner

    4 cyl 4x4 Ranger question .

    1998 & later 4x4's had the 3.0 V6 as standard equipment with the 4.0 optional. http://www.therangerstation.com/forums/showthread.php?t=68690
  4. prerunner

    The daily demo car.

    Picked this 1997 5.0 Exploder up last summer for $500. Between the fuel system issues and stuff that never worked right from day one I pretty much relegated it to being a rather unreliable daily driver. Then I piled it up.
  5. prerunner

    Project Guinea Pig

    The slow transformation of a worn out 93 Ranger XLT 2wd to something better than the $500 POS I started out with. Pix are from the seller. Hey, it can't get much worse can it?
  6. prerunner

    Prerunners B II under construction (finally!)

    I've reached the point where I'd better start documenting building that 1990 Bronco II thats been my lawn ornament for a few months. This thing has been built by Craigslist, btw. Yesterday I scored a '96 Exploder with 201,000 km on it for $500. Its triple green in ugly but runs well so the 4.0...
  7. prerunner

    Scout II axle, upside down and backwards?

    True. But learning that it wouldn't work made me want to know why it wouldn't work. Learning that it would run backwards and not lubricate the pinion seal was a part of the learning process. Now, if asked, the answer is no and here's why. I would have dropped it entirely except for the swap info...
  8. prerunner

    Scout II axle, upside down and backwards?

    I had two votes no so I did some research and found a great article on axle swapping. http://77cj.littlekeylime.com/Dana44_2.htm Its aimed at Jeep guys but the information is almost entirely about Ford Dana 44's. Well, Sasquatch_Ryda and snoranger were absolutely correct but didn't give specific...
  9. prerunner

    Scout II axle, upside down and backwards?

    That sucks. :bawling: On a related topic, does anyone wanna buy a Dana 44 out of a Scout?
  10. prerunner

    Scout II axle, upside down and backwards?

    I've had this weird idea lately about taking a Scout II Dana 44 steer axle (yeah, I know. Right hand pumpkin...) mounting it upside down and backwards to make a leaf sprung SAS. Break the welds to the spindles, flip the spindles and index camber before rewelding. Change the ring and pinion to...
  11. prerunner

    Aerostar A4LD swap?

    Hi guys. I'm about to do a 4.0 swap but need a better A4LD. I have one on line from a 4wd Aerostar but don't know if I can swap a 1354 onto a trans with a TC28. Is this swap possible or not worth doing? :icon_confused:
  12. prerunner

    Dead short

    Hey TRS'ers, I wonder if you guys could help me? I went to start my Ranger yesterday and no way. The battery was totally dead. Odd, it worked fine the day before. Hooked up jumper cables and it was arcing as though the polarity was wrong but wasn't. So I assume I have a shorted out wire...
  13. prerunner

    Pacific northwest newbie!

    Hey all, new to the forums and a first time Ranger owner. My Ranger is an '86 2wd extracab and it has issues but I kind of like it anyways. Has anyone else had theirs go into neutral when its cold? This is my biggest issue with my truck :annoyed:. Any pointers? Thanks!

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