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  1. For Sale 2000 Ford Ranger EV (under 6,700 orig. mi)

    If you weren’t on the other side of the country I’d really be tempted. I’m a big fan of these. I work in the Electrical/Automation industry and we specialize in Siemens. Last thing I need is a third project though lol. Good luck with the sale.
  2. For Sale NW PA 8.8 rear axle with 3.73 and LSD

    This isn’t EBay? 😳 It’s just my way of saying I’m flexible on the price. Make it easy for me and I’ll work with yah. If I gotta jump through hoops it will cost more. Lol
  3. For Sale NW PA 8.8 rear axle with 3.73 and LSD

    Sure thing boss. How about we start the bidding at $250.00 obo.
  4. For Sale NW PA 8.8 rear axle with 3.73 and LSD

    I have the rear end out of my 95 4x4 ranger 8.8 with 3.73 gears and a LSD. I just upgraded and don’t need this. I’ll have a front pumpkin with 3.73 and open diff available after next weekend also. If your interested shoot me an offer. Located North West Pennsylvania.
  5. Off-roading In Ohio tomorrow since I’m getting blown off.

    Well I was supposed to make a long drive tomorrow to get some parts off a forum member. But they still haven’t gotten back to me so I’m gonna drive down to Wellsville and do some offroading. Maybe I’ll see you out there. :3gears:
  6. Truckspotters

    Seen this for sale near me. Trying to get my buddy to buy it. But he’s cheap and just drives my Ranger.
  7. picture of the day!!

    When I got her in June and What she looks like now.
  8. 5.0 swap and SAS "Half-Pint"

    Just caught up on this build. Looking good. Can’t wait to see it get dirty. 😂
  9. picture of the day!!

    One of the coolest thing is going thru the locks.
  10. picture of the day!!

    Never been in a sub it would be neat to try but I wouldn’t like it for long periods. I’ve never been in rough enough weather on a great lakes freighter to have it toss much. It takes quite a bit to make a 100’+ wide by 1000’+ long boat rock a lot. But I wouldn’t want to be there when it does. 🤢
  11. picture of the day!!

    Great Lake freighter so basically. I’m not sure about the first one but the second pic is Zug island. I work on a lot of different boats in a lot of different places on the Great lakes. So it’s hard to keep track of where. I’m in the River Rouge area often enough it very well could be. There and...
  12. picture of the day!!

    One of the things I love about my job is the places I end up in. I have some even cooler videos but there pretty long.
  13. Hello from the rust belt, outside buffalo NY

    I’m actually looking for the same thing lol. I’m putting my lift on this weekend. Next I’ll be looking to regear and get bigger tires. If I find a place I’ll let you know.
  14. Hello from PA

    Welcome nice to have some more PA people on here. I’m from the NW corner. Here’s my current project. Hope you get your diff. Figured out.
  15. Hello from the rust belt, outside buffalo NY

    I thought it was “ A string of a thousand curses starts with snapping off a hard to reach rusty bolt!” Lol Sure is nice getting southern trucks. My ‘95 was a Florida truck most of its life only been up here maybe 5 yrs and it’s in really good shape especially compared to most in this area.