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    Walmart Won't Sell Me Antifreeze

    It’s a tough call. We live in small town America, we try to buy local when we can, the prices are a little higher but they have what you need (maybe not exactly what ya want) ...... and you don’t have to drive 30 way. If the government would get out of our way, we’d be fine.
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    TRS 2020 Round-Up / September 19th, 2020

    Put us down as a maybe! Work schedule is jacked up, if I can get off, we’ll be there.
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    Axle question, sorry for asking

    Gotta think........ If I’m not mistaken, mine came out of a ‘96 explorer. Relocated the spring and shock mounts, pretty easy, it has 31 splines and disc brakes. Also, it’s a posi, put the ford racing clutch pack in it, for $125.00 it’s effectively a locker.
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    Stand-alone options

    I used the FAST EZ-EFI for the multi port.
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    I had a local shop do the machine work, and put the 347 crank in it. Forgot the cam #’s, but was for off idle torque, and ford blue (24#) injectors ran by the FAST computer, and MSD ignition. All in front of a C4 with manual/reverse valve body. If I did it again, probably just go with the...
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    Single Cab Ranger Gas Tanks with Doubler

    I tried to order from behemoth, great looking product. He sat on the order for months, sent me shipping numbers that UPS had no record of, then he wouldn’t answer my calls or texts. Contested with my credit card company, then he texted me and gave me a credit. He said he would send me the...
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    Longview TX offroaders

    Welcome to Texas! We go to Barnwell Mountain quite a bit. Might see ya there.
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    Papaw's BII

    Pretty cool!!! I’m enjoying the story.
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    DIY 1350/1354 doubler reviews, results, known issues?

    I’d be interested too, maybe get one of the custom CNC shops to build shafts and harden them. Then it could be stored digitally and build as needed. I’ve got most of the parts on a shelf, just trying to figure out a shaft solution. FWIW, early last September I ordered the doubler, shifters...
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    Side window seals - NOT your average question

    I haven’t pulled one out, but I don’t think it’s rubber. Looks like it’s part of the glass, kinda like a built in frame. Salvage yard maybe.
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    89 bronco II with a blown engine

    I’ve got a 2.9 sitting on a pallet, about 1000 miles on a rebuild, attached to an A4LD with about 10,000 on it..... I’m in East Texas, don’t know how shipping works.
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    Found A Pair! -- Dana 28 Manual Locking Hubs

    Found them!!! Let me know, Rodney
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    Found A Pair! -- Dana 28 Manual Locking Hubs

    Think I have a pair, just the locking hubs, no spindles. Gotta dig though.