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  1. Kamina724

    Hi Hello from Marana

    I really enjoy my truck. It would be neat if it was a 5 speed but I use it as my pizza rig, automagic is more comfortable for that lol. But I'm glad to be here and appreciate the welcome.
  2. Kamina724

    Hi Hello from Marana

    Thanks! It took many hours and 100s of dollars to make it daily drivable again. My S10 and Ranger like taking turns being broken lol
  3. Kamina724

    Hi Hello from Marana

    I come here frequently to gander at old posts because my Ranger likes eating money. I've recently acquired a new in box Rancho 4 inch lift kit for my 93 and will probably have many questions as to what others have done in the past. I've grown up a Chevy guy but as an owner of Chevy and Ford mini...