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  1. Jay FX4

    Wrangler Duratrac....Which Load Range?

    I have pretty much made up my mind to try the DuraTrac. The overwhelming majority of the reviews I have read on these tires are positive, although some have complained that the sidewalls flex too much, and aren't very stable at highway speeds. I can understand the benefits of a flexy sidewall...
  2. Jay FX4

    Lowered 4wd's?

    I noticed that, too. Be we have to revive old threads to keep the forum alive! It's not like there's 15 pages of new posts to look at if I'm not on for a day...
  3. Jay FX4

    The Jay Leno Show

    Well I just finished watching the first show. I thought it was great, pretty much the same as the Tonight Show. Jay's the man! I guess it's not on yet for some of you west coast folks, but did anyone else watch it? Or are you going to watch it?
  4. Jay FX4

    Jay@Ford HQ Photos

    I figured I was due to take some pics at Ford Headquarters. I like taking photos of my truck, and I live 5 minutes away from headquarters, so here are a few. I'll have more later on.
  5. Jay FX4

    Firefox or TRS Problem?

    Wake up in morning. Pour coffee. Log on to TRS. Typical morning right? For some reason, I had to re-enter my Login and password, which is strange since I have the "remember me" box checked. Browsed TRS a bit then closed Firefox. When I came back later, I had to log on again, even though I...
  6. Jay FX4

    Jay FX4's Infinity Basslink Setup

    Between TRS and other forums, I've seen quite a few Basslink setups in a Ranger. But every one I've seen has come at the expense of a jump seat, cargo space, or both. I didn't want to sacrifice either of the rear seats in my 2004 FX4, and I definitely need all the cargo space. I wanted to...
  7. Jay FX4

    Woodward Dream Cruise 2009

    Here's some shots from the show on Saturday, August 15th in Detroit. The scene: Trucks first:
  8. Jay FX4

    Rear Door Speakers

    WARNING!! The Ranger is a PIECE OF SHIT!!!! Don't change out your rear door speakers unless you want bullshit rattles even at volume 2!!! Or turn your bass all the way down so they sound like garbage...eliminating the whole point of "upgrading" you speakers! Once you pull off those door...
  9. Jay FX4

    MPH Vs. RPM

    The only thing I don't like about my auto trans is that the OD doesn't kick in until about 42-43 mph. There's one particular road I like that's very scenic with long stretches without any stops, and a 40 mph speed limit. So it has me wondering what would be better for fuel economy - going...
  10. Jay FX4

    A Few Audio Questions....

    I have the factory 6-disc changer. Maybe a dumb question...but is it the Pioneer system? It doesn't say Pioneer anywhere on the unit..... My main reason for asking that leads to my next question. How many watts RMS does my HU put out? I know a lot of the better aftermarket HU's will handle...
  11. Jay FX4

    JayFX4 - 2K4 FX4

    Finally posting some pics......
  12. Jay FX4

    '06+ Side View Mirrors on '04

    I just ordered some new style mirrors for my '04. I just read another post that said you have to do some slight modification to get them to fit. Has anyone else done this? If so, what am I going to have to do? Any tips, tricks, or PICS would be much appreciated!
  13. Jay FX4

    Focus exhaust hole/bolt pattern the same?

    They're not still using the 2.0L Zetec are they?

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