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  1. Ivy Mike

    Ranger AWD build

    Back from the dead thread, but another option might be a BW 4472 from a Chevy Astro. It's the same t-case used in the Oldsmobile Bravada and more importantly, the GMC Syclone/Typhoon. They are a viscous design but they are pretty durable. The AWD launches in the Sy/Ty trucks were pretty awesome.
  2. Ivy Mike

    2000 3.0 swap with 1995 4.0

    If you want to throw it on a frame jig, yes. I wouldn't bother with straightening an old Ranger. The 95 4.0 is OBD1 the 2000 Ranger is OBD2. Find a different donor if you ever want to drive it on the street.
  3. Ivy Mike

    Anyone know what size Torx bit the lower intake takes?

    I'm pulling my step-daughters 2000 Ranger 3.0 apart to do a head gasket and I don't have a large enough Torx. It's definitely larger than a T40. Anyone know?
  4. Ivy Mike

    '01 Windstar 3.8L into a 1994 Ranger xlt???

    The Essex motors are basically Ford copying GM's idea of a large displacement V6 in place of V8s. It's not a direct copy of the Buick 3.8 but its obvious Ford saw the merit of the Buick motor, took the GM motor apart and took very good notes. But if you're going to do an Essex, you might as...
  5. Ivy Mike

    engine runs out of breath in hot weather

    got an 89 Bronco 2 with the 2.9 and noticed something when the summer started heating up here. Now Las Vegas summers, for the uninitiated, are blazing stinking hot. We're talking 105+ everyday. Today it was 112. Anyway, the B2 is fine in the morning and in cooler weather but this summer got hot...
  6. Ivy Mike

    Explorer leaf spring swap - quick question

    There is a set of leaf springs from a 99 Explorer on Craigslist here and I just need to know if they will fit a Bronco II. I know earlier ones will from reading the writeup in the tech library but it doesn't mention later years. Anyone have a guess (or maybe a tape measure to shoot a...
  7. Ivy Mike

    New BII owner - new to the forum

    been lurking for a little while and figured it was time to say hi and show off a little. Got el Bronquito a few months back and finally decided to daily drive it. Grabbed some wheels from Craigslist and mounted some 235-75-15s on them. Truck is an 89 with the Mitsu 5-spd, electric shift t-case...

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