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  1. Crank sensor question

    I have a 92, recently me and a buddy did the timing belt, even since then it runs severely under powered.. thinking it was a tooth off sent it to a shop to see if they could set it for me. They ended up telling me the crank sensor was damaged and they wanted to replace that and the harmonic...
  2. Blowby oil cap test opinions..

    Removed my intake duct the other day, noticed a bit of oil in my 83 diesel ranger. Tried that old trick with the oil cap to test blow by.. the cap danced around quit a bit, is that Normal ? I was told it should dance around a bit but not pop straight off ( keeping in mind it's a 4 cylinder...
  3. 4spd highway driving?

    I've got a 83 diesel ranger with a 4 speed transmission.. are those trannys built for highway driving? I got her up 65 on the highway, but the rpms seem too high.. I'm too use to my 92 with the 5 spd.. good ol cruising gear..
  4. driveshaft question..

    I have a 83 diesel ranger with a 4 speed stick.. replacing the u joints when I noticed I have a little play ( not back and forth) where the splined shaft mates with the tail end of the transmission.. is this normal?? If not what could cause this? Getting a occasional clunking when I shift from...
  5. valve lash adjustment?

    Do you have to adjust valve lash on the 2.2? If so know where I can find cylinder order?
  6. diesel questions

    Just bought a 83 diesel just had a couple of questions... The glowplug module is bad so it has the push button.. the previous owner told Me to push it quickly3 times and not to hold it but it seems to have hard time with cold starts.. and the oil pressure gauge reads 3/4 of the way but still in...