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  1. 1989 Ford Ranger Parts SoCal

    Interested in the Ford 7.5 LS3.73 $125.00. Can you give me some additional details please? Thanks! PM me or Text 310-420-9386
  2. New Member

    Welcome, WOW! Enjoy your new toy :)
  3. Morning!

    Welcome, sounds like a great project!
  4. New Texas Guy

    Welcome to the Forum!
  5. New Here

  6. Hi Everyone

    Welcome, glad to have you!
  7. New Member up in Seattle

    Welcome! What part of the UK are you from?
  8. New member from pa

    Welcome, truck looks good, but looks can be deceiving :)
  9. New Member from California

    Funny! I have not given it a thought, I like the weather here too much :) But, I know what you mean, I will have to take a look, thanks for the heads up Frozen_Ice
  10. New Member from California

    Thanks Oxxon!
  11. Orange/LA County areas, SoCal

    I am in Pasadena, I have a X Utility Ranger it used to be my work truck (white with a shell) it's a 2003 2WD regular cab and long bed with a 3.0 Automatic. I try and keep it maintained so it can be dependable and serve me well.
  12. Complete 2000 4 x 4 X Cab For Parts

    Oh, Sorry! Oops :)
  13. Complete 2000 4 x 4 X Cab For Parts

    The switch has a key hole just like a door lock and is located below the center console, it has a light that goes on momentarily when you turn the ignition on and then turns off shortly after. Once the key of the door/ignition is inserted and turned to the "off" position it disables the...
  14. 2003 3.0 Automatic O2 Sensor Question

    All, I am getting a code for a bank one O2 sensor. The truck has 235K miles and I have had it since it had about 60K miles. I know for a fact that the O2 sensors have never been replaced so I would like to replace all 3 the 2 up-stream and the one down-stream. I am looking at the Bosch...
  15. New Member from California

    Thank You alwaysFlOoReD