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  1. Ranger frames the same?

    So what if I wanted to do a back-half to a 93 ranger using a 98' & up rear frame section? Would the newer frame section slip over the older frame at the crossmember/front leaf spring mount area?
  2. 1993 2wd Frame RUSTED THROUGH

    I don't suppose I could use the back half from a 98 ranger since it is modular could I?
  3. 1993 2wd Frame RUSTED THROUGH

    Hehe, well it's been in the family since '94 so I'd like to keep it in one piece and not break myself or someone else, either.
  4. 1993 2wd Frame RUSTED THROUGH

    Well, I think I'm gonna have to park the little green monster for a bit. I noticed rust holes in both of the forward leaf spring hangers in the cup above the spring eye and around the bolt. Also, on the passenger side, rust was pushing the base of the hanger away from the frame in between the...
  5. 2.3L ('83-'97) 1993 2.3L Giving trouble codes 223, 224, & 998

    Just want to get some feedback from those way more experienced at this stuff than me. I Started with the KOEO test and it immediately flashed 111, then reported codes 223 & 224. Started the KOER test and it flashed 998 & 224 but never flashed the engine ID code (2) to tell me when to turn the...
  6. Carbon cleaner and injector cleaner that actually freaking works

    I use Seafoam. Has always worked well for me. You can even put a little bit in the oil just before an oil change.
  7. Carbon cleaner and injector cleaner that actually freaking works

    Okay, so if I read that right you used two different products. Which one works?
  8. A/C & Power Steering Bracket Removal

    Finally got back to it. For some reason Ford thought it necessary to use 5 bolts to hold the A/C-Power Steering Pump bracket on! Two of which are REALLY hard to spot.
  9. '93 2.3L Timing Belt Broke

    Thanks for the insight guys. After I got the center bolt loose, the pully hub came right off. I used a pipe wrench (pics below) with the handle pinned against the steering linkage to hold the crank. Interesting observation, one of the four bolts for the hub line up with the keyway. It...
  10. '93 2.3L Timing Belt Broke

    Any tips for getting this type of crank pully removed?
  11. A/C & Power Steering Bracket Removal

    1993 2.3L they share the same mount.
  12. A/C & Power Steering Bracket Removal

    Any tips for removing the A/C - Power Steering bracket from a '93 2.3L? I have three bolts out and can't see any more.
  13. Converting from Power to Manual

    Thinking about converting 2.3l to manual steering. What will I need besides the box to make the change?
  14. Oil everywhere...….

    Whe the timing belt broke on my 93 2.3, I had to turn the wheel several times to get it turned around and pointed back to the house. Today, while lust looking around under the hood, I noticed several things were wet on the drivers side of the engine bay. There was a puddle of fluid in the...