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    Vintage Truck Magazine article on 83 Ranger

    Hell, that was me selling those papers !!!!
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    Vintage Truck Magazine article on 83 Ranger

    I get Vintage Truck Magazine, a bi-monthly that is dedicated to older (30 year old and older) trucks. They don't get into small pick ups unless its something worthy. This month...July-August has a nice article on a 1983 Ranger 4x4. Haven't received my issue yet but they e-mail me what is in...
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    SOLD! Feeler For 2009 Ranger Steel Wheels & Center Caps

    Sorry, they were sold.
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    Wanted 15 x 7J stock steel 7 spoke silver wheel.

    Most of the time, but....not always.....
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    95 Ranger tie down points

    Plenty of after market options. Set like pictured less than 12 bucks on Amazon. Just go to Amazon or google and punch in "truck bed tie downs"
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    picture of the day!!

    Dirtmans basement floor ???
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    What is this?

    The greatest Jack of all....
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    What is this?

    Jack Sh-t
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    What is this?

    The Union Jack
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    What is this?

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    Spare tire size?

    Welcome. It should take a full size spare. My 2009 XL does, and it fits the spare well with room to spare. 225/70/15 spare is same size as tires on the truck. Mounts to a spare tire carrier under bed. The long tire tool crank fits into hole just above rear bumper and you use it to crank the...
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    What is this?

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    More Bronco hear say.

    Found this on that may be real...
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    More Bronco hear say.

    From that view it looks like a toy, maybe an RC.
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    Looking at an '09 - what to watch out for?

    Ya done this.....