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    Factory radio help please

    Two days later, country western was invented. Yipppee !!! Grumpaw
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    Twin I beam interchangeability

    Have a similar "spike" or "prong" on the twin I beam on our E-450 based motor home. Its a jacking point for a scissors type jack, or a bottle jack with a saddle. Grumpaw
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    Anyone use farad capacitors on their systems??

    If you use a Flux Capacitor thats nuclear powered, you'll never run out of power. Have one on out motorhome and still providing power after 8 years. Probably good for another 30-40 years. This one is only $27 bucks on Etsy. :haha: Grumpaw
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    dual fuel tanks?

    Here ya go....easy-peasy!!! Put this puppie in your bed and drive for a looooooooong time. Grumpaw
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    New RTR and RTR Rambler package..

    Bronco, all I'm saying is that the vast majority of 4x4 Rangers, Explorers, New Bronco's to come, trucks, ect, will never see any off road use. Their bought as statements, symbols, to use in snow areas and rain. Go to any cruise in or auto/truck show and you'll see some super rigs...but ask the...
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    An observation....

    Just for info, I measured my 2009 2 wd Ranger and center of bed was right at 45 inches, ground to top of bed rail. Thats with stock tires. Soooo, earlier pick up's beds weren't much higher than our stock'll give you some perspective. Here's a pic of a totally stock 59 Ford...
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    1987 Ford Ranger Custom V8

    Wonder if that Harbor Freight light is included, the one that they give you for free with any purchase. Grumpaw
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    New RTR and RTR Rambler package..

    I agree Jumper, but those types of "park" trails do not require a truck/suv with solid front axles, lockers, ect. My little Subi has racked up many miles on old logging roads, and National Park trails in many of the lower 48 states and Alaska, and has the chips and tree branch scratches to...
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    An observation....

    Just a matter of "styling progress" Back in them olden days all pickups were step-side, and they were work trucks. In the 50's Ford came out with the first styleside bed, but even then it was very accessible because it was designed that way. The "belt line" was much lower than modern trucks...
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    An observation....

    Here ya go... First one will never ever see a minute of off road use, or even a minute of "work" use. Second one is for giggles...;missingteeth; Grumpaw
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    How do i set this clock

    That's not a cassette opening, it's a "Chowdah Intake Port" :icon_cheers: Grumpaw
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    How do i set this clock

    #1. Hit it with hammer. #2 .Read and follow adsm08 post. #3. Throw a cup o "Chowdah" at it. #4. Now go inside. (Thought I wouldn't see this one, didn't you...:icon_bounceblue:) Grumpaw
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    Pics of my very first ranger

    Just love the yellow graphics...reminds me of the WW I battleship camouflage patterns they used back then !!! :shok: Grumpaw
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    New RTR and RTR Rambler package..

    Ford should include a small step ladder so all the soccer mom's n dad's can get into the bed to secure those heavy soccer balls and pads. Seriously, how many of those Rangers and Bronco's do you think will ever see true off road use ? one in twenty five, one in fifty ? How many owners are...
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    removed muffler on 2.3

    Just get this and hang out the window when you hit the nozzle. A real RN Fart Can!!! ;missingteeth; Grumpaw