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  1. Trolled By Ford

    One of these days, I'd love to pull statistics from the database of the number of posts you've made that reference your Lightning.
  2. 2021 Bronco = Spring board to the 2023 Ranger

    I really like the looks of that.
  3. Help finding a thread

    Right, I copied and pasted his link but added the www into it. I think without that it goes through a redirect. In the process it loses the embedded cookie info that preserves your login session.
  4. Help finding a thread

    For some reason, having www in the url eliminates the problem. Maybe having a redirect in a secure url causes a problem where it doesn't pass the required data?
  5. Help finding a thread
  6. 3.5L ecoboost or bust

    Had any time to continue the project lately? Would love to see how it's coming along.
  7. Help finding a thread Maybe?
  8. 1999 ranger v8 swap from a 1999 expo

    It shouldn't be able to rev that high in park - ought to cut at 3000 rpm. What rpm are you hitting when it cuts out in drive? Also, stupid question but you're not in low range are you?
  9. Moderators Wanted....

    Better that than a Bede 10!
  10. Popularity of Ford Broncos After OJ Simpson Police Chase

    It's the only thing he over does. Weird posts to start discussion and never contributes. Strangest spam account I've seen yet...
  11. Anxiety...

    I've slowly gotten to the point that anxiety has really taken root. For years I'd periodically escape to running as a therapy, but at the moment a lingering (and so far unexplained) leg problem has begun to take that away. Between three years of bizarre leg pain, marriage issues, job...
  12. replacement door speakers, good, better, best

    Right, a coaxial speaker is designed to cover the whole range. A 2 way uses two drivers to do the job, a 3 way breaks it into three. You went off on a left field tangent in your previous post. I never said anything about single tones? The point is that component speakers break the job into...
  13. replacement door speakers, good, better, best

    That's a two way coaxial speaker.
  14. replacement door speakers, good, better, best

    A single would be like a component unit that handles one frequency range. Two and three ways attempt to do everything in one unit by stacking the tweeter over the main cone, etc.
  15. replacement door speakers, good, better, best

    I think you're backwards on the way single/2/3 ways work there.