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    Todays weather

    We had around 8" here, compressed a bit afterwards with a bunch of sleet on top. Heavy, nasty stuff to shovel. Between my parents house and a couple of other places to shovel, my back is not going to forgive me for a couple of days. HOA at my girlfriend's house handles the street long before...
  2. fastpakr

    My $3,500 Jaguar

    Agreed. Fuel issue may be the source of the lean codes so sort that first.
  3. fastpakr

    Did i get screwed?

    Mine was a very drawn out process. Made it fourteen years before throwing in the towel and it nearly killed me.
  4. fastpakr

    Climate control stuck in defrost/floor position

    Any chain auto parts store should have various rubber fittings. All you need is a coupler with the same (1/8"?) opening on both sides.
  5. fastpakr

    Weird thing happend...87 Ranger...

    Yeah, i was just thinking it was being flaky and not sending power on all the correct circuits.
  6. fastpakr

    Weird thing happend...87 Ranger...

    Ignition switch issue?
  7. fastpakr

    180° thermostat in 2.9l v6

    Stick with 192.
  8. fastpakr

    What is this part...

    And if things really get sideways on you, four years later you're trying to figure out why it's still not back together.
  9. fastpakr

    Todays weather

    Just starting to stick here. Depending on the forecast we're looking at somewhere between three and seventeen inches today. The only thing everyone agrees on is that something is coming.
  10. fastpakr

    Did i get screwed?

    Unless your wife really is a living breathing nightmare that's slowly tearing you down to nothing...
  11. fastpakr

    5 speed grinds unless I shift like a grandma.

    Is it possible you've got a dragging pilot bearing or hydraulic issue?
  12. fastpakr

    Leaf spring bracket

    It takes a bit of work, but it wasn't particularly complicated to grind those rivets out on my 99. You can definitely do it without damaging the frame.
  13. fastpakr

    New shock options along w/ body lift

    I've forgotten who currently makes them, but there are axle drop kits still available for SLA. You can also buy the parts to convert from torsion bar to coilovers. If you want a lift that rides well, that's probably the only viable path.
  14. fastpakr

    Did i get screwed?

    Probably easier to swap the cluster than roll it back.