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    Vacuum leak?

    The 'check gauge' light is a little curious since that is separate from the CEL. But Franklin2's suggestion of the intake vacuum leak is a strong possibility. You can also look for a leak with starter fluid or a smoke machine. Any codes?
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    Brilliant. I didn't make the connection in your previous post, but that's great!
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    5.0 rough idle/low vacuum

    I dug through the storage unit a bit last night but had limited time. So far, the only thing that turned up was the original Explorer camshaft. Heading back for a deeper dive as soon as possible, but it might be a few days.
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    Great for a SWAP

    Yep. I think they just mismarked it.
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    5.0 rough idle/low vacuum

    For what it's worth - I didn't have the camshaft synchronizer alignment tool available when I installed the synchro. A quick search led me to believe that I could bring the motor to TDC on #1 and stab it in so that pointer was in the middle of the outer window. Assuming that I butchered that -...
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    5.0 rough idle/low vacuum

    Exhaust is clear as far as I know. No changes other than the headers in that regard. Though admittedly, the exhaust has been sitting under the truck disconnected for two years so who knows what might have built a home there. No rag in the intake. The coil pack to spark plug wiring definitely...
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    5.0 rough idle/low vacuum

    Yeah - I was just thinking about heading to the storage unit tomorrow and searching for the cam. As much as it would absolutely infuriate me if I had the comp cam floating around there, it would sure answer the question!
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    5.0 rough idle/low vacuum

    Yep, I've tested with both of those capped (and EGR, for that matter). Russian Space Station approach is starting to sound better and better.
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    5.0 rough idle/low vacuum

    I went down the road the first time with getting a different cam than I ordered (Amazon somehow shipped me a high RPM trick flow cam in a Comp Cams box), but it really ought to be the right one this time. A shop did the reassembly for me this time - it's hard to imagine they screwed up the...
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    5.0 rough idle/low vacuum

    Now that the (2nd) rebuilt 5.0 is in the truck and everything is connected, I was excited to fire it up last week. Unfortunately, it idles like hot garbage and I'm struggling to nail down what's going on. If anybody wants to help solve the puzzle, here's what I know: It's a '99 Explorer with...
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    For Sale 2002 Fx4 Part Out, Northern UT

    He was answering questions in April, but hasn't been on the site since May.
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    Found this on craigs list today figured id share

    You've also got to fuel it up after takeoff! Great plane, but a bit of a headache as a commuter jet.
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    Unknown Part.. Trying to idenify.

    Photo? From a quick search, sounds like it might be where a factory jumper is installed on automatic trucks to bypass the clutch safety interlock.
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    3 out of 4 tires are flat?
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    2008 automatic ranger NSS bypass

    I brought it up because that was the behavior I've experienced in the past - flaky start in park that could be worked around by holding the lever slightly out of position (and sometimes starting in neutral helped). No codes or apparent drivability issues.