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    Oh crap? 97 F150

    That's going to take a couple hundred pounds of rice.
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    Idle is even worse after Idle air control valve replacement

    Put the other valve back in to confirm the new valve as the problem. Return for a replacement if so.
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    Air Compressor Suggestions

    I'd be digging around craigslist, Facebook marketplace, etc. A well made ancient compressor ought to be perfectly serviceable.
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    I give you TRSisms... a handy way to service members!

    'A handy way to service members' is a very curious turn of phrase.
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    Pittsburgh jack stands recalled, sold at Habor Freight

    Given the date range I'm definitely not concerned about this specific recall. The truth is I'd just never seriously considered a jack stand as something that could be easily screwed up. Such a simple tool.
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    Pittsburgh jack stands recalled, sold at Habor Freight

    Yikes. I've used HF jackstands for at least a decade. Never noticed any issues with them, but I'll certainly take a closer look before using them next time.
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    Why isn't this on this forum?!

    One of the guys at the trailride at Sparkz place years ago had one. I still remembering it slide down in the middle of the ride and being very confused. Had never seen a power sliding rear window before or since.
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    TRS Word Association Game

    In synch
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    Learn from others mistakes.

    Don't pull the mask off that old lone ranger either!
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    Learn from others mistakes.

    Ten or fifteen years ago I was working on an old MB diesel car and got side tracked for a few months. Came back to it and finished assembling everything but couldn't get the thing started. Literally spent days (maybe weeks) of frustration staring at it for a few minutes here and there as I had...
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    Learn from others mistakes.

    I wouldn't spend a second worrying about paper towels going through if you aren't already hearing ominous noises.
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    Has anyone seen the Blue Angels fly over?

    When I was about 7, we went to an air show in Waco, TX. There were a ton of great demos there, including the Thunderbirds. One of the most impressive was the Concorde though - we were very close to the flight line and it was awesome to watch the nose droop for takeoff and landing, etc. During...
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    3.4l v8

    Wasn't there a major reliability issue with those? It's been a long time, but I vaguely remember a catastrophic cam timing issue or something.
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    Which columns will work?

    Sorry, I've actually never had to remove one.
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    Has anyone played Doom Eternal yet?

    Right up there with Blake Stone, aliens of gold.