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  1. 3.0 rebuild?

    All I can recommend is a manual. Chilton or Haynes has a shorten version of engine rebuilding and shouldnbe fine if you have some experience. Factory manuals are always the best BUT even those have some inaccuracies. I have used manuals on discs, but I don't like those and there are also on-line...
  2. 96 4.0 OHV Plugs and Wires

    A note about Motorcraft plugs. They are all double platinum as far as I have seen on Ranger part numbers, They seemed to be listed as just "platinum" on the parts store computers but Ford makes them in double because of the coils on their engines.
  3. New starter grinding and "engaging" Engine is be turned somehow. 2.8L V6 (Im new here, I posted this in another forum before finding this one)

    Genuine Motorcraft starters are pretty much indestructible. I got a bad flywheel, made in China; changed starter gear to a gear with less teeth. The starters were all the same for several years so the nose depth should be right.
  4. 1984 ford ranger engine swap

    Trans bolts are a bit difficult but lots of extensions on hand make it a tolerable job. Actually the transmission jack is where I had trouble with the angled bottom slipping. (5 speed)

    Good idea pulling off the front sheet metal; that saves time and helps prevent using strong language in front of that little girl.
  6. Rod bolts for the 4.0l OHV...

    Been thinking a bit: make sure those replacement rods weigh the same as the old ones or everything will be out of balance. Otherwise replace the crank, flywheel and balancer too. Unless they have the same part number, they may not weigh the same. Rods can be 565 0r 585 grams. Sorry that I...
  7. 94 4.0 overheating problem and whats the next step?

    There is a misunderstanding here because vapor lock is a fuel delivery problem. If air is getting in, then steam (or water) is getting out when it is warmed up. I'd guess water pimp and/or radiator. Drain your radiator and look at the coolant as it come out for starters. People are sayig the 4.0...
  8. Rod bolts for the 4.0l OHV...

    I'm surprised that a machine shop can't answer the bolt question, but as long as the rods have the same part numbers the bolts should be the same. I've seen mid-year changes with Ford but the parts should be the same if the numbers are the same. I seriously doubt there would be any out of...
  9. Cylinder head leak - What to do?

    258K is near the end of the engine life so don't be surprised if it fails sometime soon if you keep driving. The question you have to answer is: how important is reliability to you? Be sure it isn't a hose or fitting, but if that were the case, it would overheat or steam would come out when the...
  10. 99 4.0 Oil pan Removal.

    You don't see tips like that in any manual!
  11. Whats this hole?

    If I recall correctly, no.
  12. 040 Stamped on pistons.

    That's .40 over. As said before MEASURE before you order anything. My experience is that there is very little bore wear in these engines but double check. The .40 over, I'm sure, wasn't from ordinary wear.
  13. The Ranger disc has copies of the factory 2.9 manual along with 2.8 and 2.3 engines - also has...

    The Ranger disc has copies of the factory 2.9 manual along with 2.8 and 2.3 engines - also has transmission and rear end things with much other Ranger stuff.
  14. 1983- 1987 Ultimate Ranger disc.

    I'll check when I get home tomorrow.