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  1. Wiring Harness questions/issues

    So then how who I get that to work then? And what about the output shaft sensor?
  2. Wiring Harness questions/issues

    After looking back and comparing the two, and I'm seeing that I mainly need to figure out what the 8 pin connector does, and a way to merge/splice the reverse lamp sensor and the, I think, speed sensor into the harness. Would the same colored wires in the automatic harness be the same as the...
  3. Wiring Harness questions/issues

    Just trying to ping ya again here to see if I could go and splice the wires together, or is there something else I need to do?
  4. Wiring Harness questions/issues

    So the harness that is on the engine should be able to just plug into the transmission then or? Also I do have another, odd question with this project
  5. Wiring Harness questions/issues

    Alright sorry for the long delay. Work got really hectic. But here's the part of the harness I was able to snag. Hopefully this can work, and if so what wires do I need to put this into?
  6. Wiring Harness questions/issues

    Okay, will do!! Hopefully there's a good spot
  7. Wiring Harness questions/issues

    So bad news, the harness is locked up in storage right now and I don't have a solid way to get it. And just be sure, you're saying trace the wires all the way to the PCM correct?
  8. Wiring Harness questions/issues

    Oh gotcha, I'll take a look tomorrow like I said
  9. Wiring Harness questions/issues

    I managed to snag the wiring off the old harness with the manual trans cables, that's why I was wondering if I could just splice that in the harness. And if so, which wires to where. I'll get a pic of that part tomorrow
  10. Wiring Harness questions/issues

    The harness and engine are from 2001 yeah
  11. Wiring Harness questions/issues

    Yeah I'm not too sure about the black and green connectors but that's the wiring I have and why I'm trying to see if I need to find a different harness or if there is a way I can splice the manual connectors in place of those
  12. Wiring Harness questions/issues

    Sorry for the long delay, work got to be a bit busy. But this is the wiring I have for the transmission. That's why I'm concerned with being able to hook it up
  13. Wiring Harness questions/issues

    Good afternoon all, I am swapping a 4.0L into my Ranger and turns out the engine I grabbed was an automatic and does not have the same wiring setup as the manual, which is what I need. I tried going through the 2 repair manuals I have (Chilton and Haynes) and could not find much on the manual...
  14. Rear diff fill bolt location

    I've got an 06 ranger that I would like to change the rear diff oil, however, I cannot find the fill bolt, that could be either I'm blind as a bat, or just plain dumb. Anyway here is a picture of the cover plate, if it helps any. https://www.dropbox.com/s/gp15xas8kvmxg5r/20180731_171214.jpg?dl=0
  15. 2006 Ranger clicking

    The engine sounds like a movie projector. I'm curious as to what is all going bad. It also shudders a little every now and then at idle. Here is a video, if it helps https://www.dropbox.com/s/yfl5x9n8tdtpban/20180318_152639.mp4?dl=0