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  1. droptopfox

    efi help

    my 89 is a v8 its carbed and i wana do efi what the eisiest way to do it is there a kit or a simple way thanks for the help in advanced
  2. droptopfox

    im getting reddy to start a 5 speed swap

    i have a t5 clutch and flywheel from an 88 mustang whats the easiest way to hook up the clutch i saw you can use a 280zx slave cylinder with a mcleod adaptor anyone know the part# on that adaptor or is there away to not have a hydrolic clutch id perfur a cable clutch
  3. droptopfox

    front alignment issue

    okay my truck for some reason the drivers tire is in the middle of the wheel well and the passanger tire is back towards the cab to much the radius arm bushing isnt bad i didnt hit anything nothing looks messed up everything looks straight but the tires not where it belongs i dont know how long...
  4. droptopfox

    anyone running star fish mustang wheels

    i wana get something diffrent but i wana run front center caps how much of a spacer would i need
  5. droptopfox


    okay im not being a dick but why the hell does it seem like most of you guys are putting sbc in a ford and ive seen a couple videos and a few said they only have 200 hp now im definitly not a chevy guy my truck makes 300 rw and will shift my aod threw the gears off the rev limiter baking posi...
  6. droptopfox

    new rearend today

    7.5 gone ready for scrap 8.8 from a fox body gettin ready for install welded detroit tru trac 4.10s moser axles all dun alot better thing will don donuts in a parking spot lol and now ill wear rear tires evenly
  7. droptopfox

    new exhuast

    i did a b&m stall covertor newly rebuilt aod and i made new exhuast lightning style
  8. droptopfox

    wheel studs

    i want to run 3.5 inch wheel studs on my ranger it has a 8.8 from a fox body converted to 5 lug in the rear so that easy but the front will mustng front studs work i just dont want to waste money
  9. droptopfox

    axle ?

    okay will ranger 7.5 axles fit in a foxbody 8.8 reareand
  10. droptopfox

    easy one

    well trying to save time does anyone know how wide end to end a 89 ranger rear end is and will a 8.8 from a sn95 mustang fit
  11. droptopfox

    nothingbetter to do today

    nothing to do now its nice out most of the salts gone i can finaly drive my truck so i put like 200 miles on her and did a mini photo shoot
  12. droptopfox

    new here figured id show it off

    im new here this is my sled
  13. droptopfox

    new here from mass

    im new here ive been on alot of mustang forums now ive been building a v8 ranger ive branched out i got an 89 with a 302 gt40x heads e cam 1.72 roller rockers air gap intake built aod and 3200 stall next is a 4/5 drop 8.8 rear locked maybe a supercharger well see :icon_thumby: