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  1. Trouble finding front valance for a 2006 Ranger

    Thats whats happening to me. Did you ever find a place that has the correct part?
  2. Trouble finding front valance for a 2006 Ranger

    So I decided to get a new valance for the front of my 06. It has a hitch installed so when I got the new one I held it up and marked where to cut some notches for the tow hooks and all that. Of course when I went to put it on it is too short on the ends and the tabs that hold it on don't match...
  3. 2006 4.0 thermostat housing again

    Ok finally got out there and got it together. Fired it up and it starts and runs as it should but a new problem. The tem gauge is pegged and the low coolant light is on. Coolant is full and was cool of course when started.
  4. 2006 4.0 thermostat housing again

    After a closer look the orange one has been replaced with a gray plug. I just spoke with a Ford mechanic and he says is pretty common for tht to be done. He said I can either go to the dealer and try to find the correct plug or just shave down the offset ear on the plug and it will work because...
  5. 2006 4.0 thermostat housing again

    Looks like that could be the issue. Not sure why someone would change that out. It did run fine before I did the swap but leaked pretty bad. Also the sensors that were in the old housing were smaller diameter than both sets of new ones I bought. Time to look for a new plug I guess. I'll have a...
  6. 2006 4.0 thermostat housing again

    The reason I doubt that they have been changed is because I know the PO and the history of the truck but you never know. He says he doesnt remember anything like that but hes not very mechanically inclined so who knows. Anyway here is a pic of the connectors. I can't tell if they have been...
  7. 2006 4.0 thermostat housing again

    I will go out and take a look. I doubt it has been changed though. I'm am regretting tossing out the old housing and sensors now for sure.
  8. 2006 4.0 thermostat housing again

    Have not tested them. The plugs are keyed the same but the sensors are not. The housing I took off was plastic but I'm not sure if it was the original one. The first replacement is aluminum and the new 2nd replacement is plastic. All 4 of the new sensors are the same diameter. The ones I took...
  9. 2006 4.0 thermostat housing again

    Ok I'm back on the housing again. Ordered another one just in case. Got the aluminum one out and have the same issue with the sensors. The gray one fits in both holes and plugs in to both plugs. The brown sensor fits in both holes in the housing but wont plug in to either plug. The thinggy in...
  10. Changed thermostat housing now runs rough

    Any job worth doing is worth doing twice. lol
  11. Changed thermostat housing now runs rough

    Pretty frustrating since its such a pain to do and by the time I got it all apart I was frustrated and should have walked away after finding the sensor didnt fit. Lesson learned. I'll have to wait to fix it for a couple weeks to fix it and not try to rig it if I dont get the right parts I got it...
  12. Changed thermostat housing now runs rough

    06 4.0. Both sensors looked the same like the one on the left. I knew something was wrong when neither one of the old ones fit in the new housing. Guess I'll just take it apart again and replace the housing with a plastic one with another set of sensors. Tried to upgrade to metal and shit the...
  13. Changed thermostat housing now runs rough

    Unfortunately I already tossed out the old housing and sensors. I usually dont screw up this bad. lol
  14. Changed thermostat housing now runs rough

    Just changed the housing and sensors last week. I took off the throttle body and idler pulley to get it in and out. The inside of the throttle body was filthy so grabbed a can of what I thought was TB and carb cleaner and gave it a doosh. Also when I installed the new housing I notices the...
  15. Did you lift your 1998-2011 Ford Ranger 4x4?

    I got new keys and taller shocks for it. Its up a couple inches and drives really nice. Probably better than stock.

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