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    New cams

    It's odd. Everything appears exactly the same between the 07, 08, and my brothers '10.
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    New cams

    I have another engine I'm going to put in my 08 ranger someday along with a rebuilt transmission. I was thinking of upgrading the cams since I saw some on crowers page. However they're listed as 2003-2007. Will they work in an 08? The motor I have is actually an 07. I noticed that the tuners I...
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    Lima bellhousing

    Was there ever a bellhousing that would mate the 2.3 directly to a Ford truck pattern transmission? Im assuming the car 2.3 bellhousing has a different pattern. I'd like to mate a 2.3 to a Jeep t176 without adding adapter spacers in there and the t176 will accept a small block Ford bellhousing
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    2.3 transmissions

    Did they offer the 2.3 duratec in a 4x4 in the Mexican or overseas rangers? Every time I try searching for Mexican rangers all I can find is that damn quad cab.
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    2.3 engine interchangeability

    I have a 2008 2.3 with about 260k miles on it. I've been thinking of grabbing a spare engine just in case. It does feel a little tired and am getting some valvetrain noise. Anyone know what years I can swap with if it goes? I did find a low mileage 2.3 from an 07 escape nearby. Would that...
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    Battery light on

    Truck is a 2008 regular cab with the 2.3 and 5 speed. Battery light turned on yesterday. I checked my voltage this morning and it was 12.48. When I started the truck it jumped to 14.8. Any idea why my battery light would be in? Battery and alternator are less than a year old.
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    General grabber atx review

    My 08 rwd 2.3 regular cab needed some new tires. My driving is 99% road use but maybe 5% of that is dirt or gravel road. I live in an area that gets over 100 inches of snow a year. I think we finished up around 120" last year. In the summer I'm usually launching a boat every other week in very...
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    Parking brake cables

    I'm switching rear ends in my truck and going from 9" drums to 10" ones. When I search parts stores online they only show one cable for the rear left. Not separate ones for 9 and 10" brakes. But on the right there's 2 different ones about 3/4" difference in length. Is there speed to be a...
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    Duratec interchangeability

    Anyone know what other years of the 2.3 would be a direct swap for my 2008 engine? I've got about 250k on it now and would like to get another to keep on hand should something happen. Also while we're at it what years of manual transmission would be a direct swap as well. I tried some searching...
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    Catback flange

    The flange between the cat and the rest of my exhaust system rotted out. Should I weld a new flange in there or should I just weld in a piece of pipe between them? What about those woven flex pipes?
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    7.5 behind a 4.0.

    Today I was given a 2003 super cab rwd with the 4.0 and automatic. It has a bad 3.55 8.8 in it. The c clip broke on one side doing 70 and he lost a shaft and bent the whole housing. I recently bought a 4.10 ls 8.8 to put in my 08 2.3 ranger in place of the 3.73 open. I know I should probably put...
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    Tools for gear swap

    I'm picking up some tools for swapping out gears in an 8.8 axle. I already have an inch/lb torque wrench and a magnetic base micrometer for checking backlash. I was thinking of getting a jegs ring and pinion setup kit and maybe the harbor freight 20 ton press. Have any of you used this press for...
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    Bastard pack questions

    I'm looking to bastard pack my springs on my 08 rwd regular cab. What's best to use for the added leafs? Another set of ranger springs? Exploder? Something else? Not really going for maximum lift but increasing spring capacity. I've got the basic stock springs which I think were 1100lb when...
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    Rear brakes rusting

    Anyone else have problems with their rear brakes rusting on them a lot? I've had to replace all my adjusters and springs and shoes on every ranger I owned pretty much yearly. I even made sure this year I didn't drive through any deep water and made a trailer tongue extension so my back brakes...
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    Gear change questions

    I've got an 8.8 for my 2008 rwd 4 cylinder that I plan on changing gears in and adding new bearings. I've read that if you use Ford racing gears and bearings then you don't need to use a pinion depth gauge and such. Have any of you had any personal experience with this working like Ford says? I...