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  1. cp2295

    5.0 swap with m5r2

    Got a 99 ranger 4x4 I'm swapping an explorer 5.0 into. I got a 4.2 m5r2. My question is pertaining to the bellhousing spacer plate. Is it the same for manual and auto transmissions as far as starter alignment? Also I'm using a 95 f150 5.0 clutch flywheel and starter, sound correct?
  2. cp2295

    1354 doubler center shaft

    Just curious if anyone has a good company they'd use to make a shaft that'll connect the two boxes. I bought a doubler box from behemoth drivetrain last year (11 months ago) and have gotten completely screwed on the deal. Pretty much threw that money away. so anyways I'm looking to make my...
  3. cp2295

    What headers to use with aftermarket heads?

    Hey guys i got a 97 explorer that I'm going to swap the drivetrain from into my 99 4x4 ranger. I was thinking of getting these heads before i swapped it in...
  4. cp2295

    Will any 302 accept explorer engine mount brackets?

    Hey everyone, i want to do a 5.0 swap at some point soon in my 99 and there's an 01 mountaineer at the local junkyard i can pick some stuff off of. I don't really have any desire to pull a motor at the junkyard nor do i have the space at the house right now. However being a 99 i do have a...
  5. cp2295

    Engine Compatibility

    You should be fine doing both things. That block off plate actually has a deal that drives the oil pump so just make sure it engages the oil pump and you should be fine. Use the long block you got and swap your manifolds/sensors on
  6. cp2295

    Stumbling 4.0

    Just a thought, you are sure you resoldered the wires in the correct spot? I had a 96 explorer that I melted the wires that go over the bellhousing (O2 sensors, vss, reverse lights) and it kept popping fuses. Well it was a POS me and my buddies were trying to blow up so instead of fixing it...
  7. cp2295

    OEM used timing chain vs aftermarket

    Well I pulled the motor that has been in my truck that has 25k on the rebuild, (burns oil-dumb 17 year old me rebuilt it 7 years ago). It had a cloyes timing set so I figured I would reuse it and look what I found upon removal. So I guess proceed with caution if you buy cloyes. Looks like the...
  8. cp2295

    Bearing clearances

    Machinist said they were 0.010" undersized, are you saying I should install .015" undersize instead? I didn't even know they sold half sizes
  9. cp2295

    Bearing clearances

    Nobody has any input?
  10. cp2295

    Stumbles under full throttle

    A junkyard MAF sensor cured it, happy it was easy to diagnose and fix!
  11. cp2295

    Stumbles under full throttle

    Those all checked out good, I unplugged the MAF sensor and the truck runs great. Thinking I'm gonna goto the junkyard and snag a few sensors. I cleaned the MAF so I'm wondering if I screwed it up by doing that
  12. cp2295

    Stumbles under full throttle

    Hey everyone, got my brother's 94 2.3 ranger that I just did a bunch of work on. I did a timing belt, plugs, wires, air and fuel filter, water pump, thermostat etc. It developed a new issue where it stumbles when you snap the throttle in neutral, and completely bogs down when you floor it...
  13. cp2295

    91 Ranger 4.0 Lifter Tick

    It is more than likely your pushrods and rockers are all galled to hell. I would pull the valve covers and then the rocker shafts and inspect them before replacing the lifters. OEM lifters are the only way to go and they are not sold anymore I don't think. The only aftermarket ones I'd consider...
  14. cp2295

    Bearing clearances

    Got a 4.0 pushrod engine I'm rebuilding. Just curious if .002" clearance on the rods is a good reading? I'm using plastigauge so can only get a decently accurate reading but all 6 were consistently .002" according to the plastigauge. Crank spins smooth fully assembled, rods have side to side...
  15. cp2295

    OEM used timing chain vs aftermarket

    Fair enough thanks.

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