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  1. Whats a good price?

    If I remember right, I paid 125 for the pair. Both came out of a stock 86 big Bronco that was being parted out.
  2. D44 TTB questions

    Keep us updated on the progress. I have a TTB D44 and a 9" from an 86 FSB that I am going to swap into my 89 BII. I am going full width. Too many other projects going on with the Mustang now, so my swap is sometime down the road.
  3. ttb dana 44 and 9"

    Just wanted to share what I picked up this weekend for a nice $175. Both came off a full size 86 Bronco. I don't even have a welder yet but I thought that was a screaming deal and couldn't pass it up. Let the swapping begin.
  4. explorer front coils

    I added some spacers (1.25" worth) under the front springs but didn't get hardly any lift (.5" maybe). I have read on here about people using Explorer coils for some more lift. I know 91-94 on the years but I didn't know 4wd or 2wd ones, if it even matters. My local junkyard says there are a...
  5. Explorer hybrid leafs are in

    Just wanted to share some info/pics from my Explorer leaf spring swap. I used the whole explorer spring pack, with my BII main leaf and painted the whole stack Ford red. Before ground to fender lip was 29". Now measures 32". I was hoping for an inch or so more of lift so I have some Belltech...
  6. side mirror swap

    I did a search but could not find anything... I know I should probably be content on what I have... but I'm not. I have the small plastic side mirrors and I really like the metal mirrors with the bracket. Most Bronco 2s and Rangers I see have these. Anyway, I want to do this swap, but I know...
  7. Getting ready to get new tires (sizes?)

    Alright, like the title says, I am wanting to pull the trigger on a set of new tires. The factory size tires that were on the B2 were so bald when I bought it, that I had to put a spare set of Mustang wheels and tires on there (Looks awful IMO). I can't really complain too much about a $400 B2...
  8. need new water pump

    First post here. I'm familiar with Fords, specifically Mustangs, and just picked up my 89 Bronco II the other week. Anyway, I have a pretty good drip coming out of the weep hole on the water pump. Looks to be factory original (172k). I was planning on just getting a parts store new OEM...