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  1. Lowering My B3000

    This be the one?
  2. Lowering My B3000

    I need to change my shocks and figured while I had the truck up I cold do some other work. I want to lower it, bu don't know teh best way o go about doing it. I would also like to know of some good places to buy parts.
  3. '91 B3000 a.k.a The Green Goomba

    Ok, I've had this truck for a little over a year and a half and LOVE it. Here are a few pics of what I've done to it so far (mostly interior work) The truck the day I bought it Painted the Bumpers BLAAACK! Now I am a car audio enthusiast so, the next steps are understandable... Took...
  4. New And Wanting To Learn

    I'm new to the forum and hoping to learn a few more things. Here is my YouTube page to see what I've been up to until now.

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