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  1. problem with an 01 dodge ram

    couple races/bearings were junk but we replaced them
  2. problem with an 01 dodge ram

    Update and new issue. Ring and pinion were good, installed new bearings and seals, had a buddy set up for me. Bolting everything back together and driveshaft yoke will not go inside transmission. cleaned splines up on both and lubed but shaft will on go in about 2" and locks up. splines on trans...
  3. problem with an 01 dodge ram

    popped cover off. no metal shavings at all. Looks like someone rebuilt rear end and didnt tighten pinion nut properly. Havent pulled completely apart but dont see any apparent damage
  4. problem with an 01 dodge ram

    bro-in-laws truck. been making a funny whining noise in rearend for a while. Well today his driveshaft comes out going down the road. Pinion nut came off. Went to push off the road and it wouldnt move. Hooked it to my truck, drivers rear rolled, passenger side was trying to go backwards. I broke...
  5. C4 transmission question

    Update. Since I live in Central Fla I decided to pull pan and check it out. Evidently mud daubers like living inside a c4 as there was an old nest in the pan. Also water got in and left a nice layer of rust. All internal parts were perfect after cleaning and a new filter. Got all clutches and...
  6. 84 Bronco 2 dash

    That helps a lot. Thank you
  7. 84 Bronco 2 dash

    anyone have a schematic for a 84 B2 dash? Installing new gauges
  8. 2006 F150 5.4 3 valve shuts off

    Thats funny. It was running perfect before they changed the oil....hmmm
  9. 2006 F150 5.4 3 valve shuts off

    have a 06 F150 that when you drive about 10 minutes starts running erratic, idle drops very low and then shuts off. No codes. Checked all fuses and relays. Need help please
  10. 2005 Mustang 4.0 issues

    Thanks. Was curious on how to get air out. Good idea
  11. 2005 Mustang 4.0 issues

    Removed overflow tank cap and ran engine for a while. A lot of brown water came out. After I shut it off and engine cooled, topped it off with clean water. warm air again. This weekend going to flush system and fill with proper coolant.
  12. 2005 Mustang 4.0 issues

    Was recently given a Mustang that my dad got from a friend and had a bunch of work done to it. Car was hit in right front and fender and front bumper were replaced by a shop. The defroster does not blow warm at all is the first issue. A/C works perfect and car does not run hot at all. I live in...
  13. C4 transmission question

    I did lube seals with vaseline. So maybe it will be alright
  14. Anyone recognize this mirror?

    Early Toyota trucks had same mirror. My 83 4x4 has them
  15. C4 transmission question

    It has been basically just put together. Other than soaking discs no fluid and never been adjusted