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  1. badmts

    need a side step

    I have a b4000 4x4 that is lifted and need a smaller step.right now it has a nerf type bar that I destroyed on the trail and this is going to be my daily driver for a while -no off roading until I get car engine figured out(its blown up too) so I want/need an easier way to get in lifted...
  2. badmts

    1994 B4000 use of Ranger bed and doors

    I have a 94 b4000 that used to look real good -until I took it wheelin!! well I am getting money ahead but mazda parts are tough to find (i need doors and bed) what year ranger bed(short bed) and doors (NON PW/PDL)will fit? I have The truck bedlined on the exterior so color is no problem
  3. badmts

    94 b4000 swb 4x4 std cab-bed options

    Need new/used bed -what fits ? 94 swb std cab
  4. badmts

    94 b4000 d35 ttb downgrade?

    I have a D35 TTB that we put 4.56's and frt lunchbox (spartan) locker in.This truck was a capable DD until then , did not make a huge difference in dry or mud but made SNOW WHEELIN' IMPOSSIBLE! So now the ujoints are shot and it's leaking badly-question,rebuild and eliminate locker or find 35TTB...
  5. badmts

    My new ANTI-Jeep decal-must see!

    I had this put on tailgate today ,the gauntlet has been thrown down!
  6. badmts

    Pierce county Beaver pond Tuesday

    If anyone around Tacoma/Puyallup wants to try some lite duty wheeling a couple of us TRS members will be riding around Beaver Pond early tomorrow .We will do some mudding and a few descents some beginer trails and we have tools ,straps and winches.We are meeting at the McDonalds...
  7. badmts

    help pick boat size

    Gf and I have gotten bit by one of the most dangerous bugs known to man-the boat bug:icon_twisted: we can't afford a dedicated tow rig and neither wants to give up our commuter pocket rockets so that leaves MR. B4000 to do double duty as wheeler/boat hauler. its a 4L ohv with 4.56 gears and a...
  8. badmts

    April 15 & 22 come out!

    April 15th is truckfest and 22nd is 4wheel parts 4x4 party at straddline in OLY on sr8 ! c'mon lets SHOW THESE GUYS! i AM GOING TO BOTH -SEE YOU THERE!
  9. badmts

    Winch install fused or not?

    Is there a consensus here on putting a fuse on a winch power cable. I can't imagine I will winch much as it has been on the back of my truck for a year now and has only served to look cool (Look at me I have 2 winches, YOU HAVE NONE!:icon_rofl:). iT IS AN XRC8 mounted to rear custom bumper and...
  10. badmts

    Internal speedo drive gear change

    I have determined the drive gear I will need is 7 tooth and the driven gear will need to be 20 teeth -now how hard is it to get it inside the transfer case. 1994 Mazda B4000 4.0 5spd button on dash(1354?) Please don't say "it's super easy,just pull back clip swap gears and you are in...
  11. badmts

    Mazda M50D-R1 internal speedo drive gear

    Took my stock "white" speedo drive gear to TACOMA SPEEDOMETER Monday and it was mangled pretty badly.He took one look and asked if it was a manual and did the speedo work when I removed gear,I said yes its a manual and no, it did not work.He said to feel inside the hole it came out of for worn...
  12. badmts

    1994 b4000 speedo

    Is it gear like a t-5 foxbody or electronic? my tach works but speedo and odometer are inop. speedo was inaccurate anyway so is it as easy to adjust as the foxbody ? if i am goning to fix it i might as well get it to read correctly!
  13. badmts

    who forgot to SPRING FORWARD?

    I almost did ,time/temp on TV screen saved me
  14. badmts

    Pack yer gear

    I got the opportunity to help 2 different rigs stuck on the trail recently ,one had a broken throttle cable the other had bent wheel (of course no spare and no front driveline either) losing air ,so we bent it back and pumped it up then got him unstuck. The point of this thread is to ask what...
  15. badmts

    Tuesday wheeling WESTERN WA.

    Truck is trail ready again and it looks like I will have some Sunday's ,most Tuesday's and some Thursday's off so if you get the opportunity for some mid week wheelin please keep me in mind.