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  1. Supercharger Ford ranger project

    http://youtu.be/e-aSoFvVtq4 I'm not 100% about my idle issue, rev up n down a little! When throttle body is closed! I haven't check for leaks or anything! At idle with throttle body closed there is reversion, maf sensor double reading the air??
  2. 4.0l ohv supercharged! Vortech

    Hello! Bought my truck 3 years ago 1992 Ford ranger xlt 4.0l ohv 5 speed rwd It had 215,000km when I bought, now at 315,000km!! Still at 175psi compression on all 6 cylinders, I've replaced almost everything From water pump, thermostat, heater core, radiator, rad cap, power steering pump, fuel...

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