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    up grade of a steering column

    Explorer works i swapped a 98 tilt, pats, and auto column into a 99 ranger with no pays and a manual. Swapped the manual peices over to expo column along with ignition cylinder. Easy. Expo wheel seems larger diameter than ranger wheel. I did not measure to find out 4 sure
  2. 2drxploder

    Fast & Furious 9

    West Virginia? It has been awhile, but I'm pretty sure deliverance takes place in Georgia Also I've seen all fast n furious movies, they are ok. Definitely not the best, but it has some cool automotive and action scenes, so I watch them.
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    Worlds biggest potato gun

    There is alot of content in general that is not ranger related. I thought it fit well into "general discussion". Here is fine. You like it here and have the authority to move it, and have already thrown your flag. Yall have a goodnight
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    Worlds biggest potato gun

    I look at 3 threads, general, v8swap, n tailgate. I agree with the kitty above, dirtmans post entertain me. And as far as being a support member, I will not be renewing that. Just so im clear. That is drainage system I installed at work (you know to feed my family and such). It is NOT a gun...
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    Worlds biggest potato gun

    Not sure how to do that or y I even would. Besides someone has to make decisions on where I want content that I post. I can't get it right.
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    Worlds biggest potato gun

    As mentioned, you don't want my potatoes, and mine is powered by gravity. And I got moved to entertainment? I assure you, I dont install cast-iron for entertainment
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    Worlds biggest potato gun

    Made it myself
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    Anybody use security cameras in/on their house?

    100 a year with ring, adds more or unlimited storage, also lifetime warranty on ALL ring products you own / register, as well as 10%off at ring edit, storage is extended to 60 days, plus a few more bells and whistles in app i forgot to mention
  9. 2drxploder

    Anybody use security cameras in/on their house?

    got ring doorbell and floodlight. work well enough for what i need.
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    What did you do to your Ranger today? (Part Deux!)

    pulled the permit to start 32x36x14 shop today, also replaced #5 plug and wire, still getting a misfire. in the temp. garage she went. will probably sit until i finish the shop.
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    Redcat axe edition

    it arrived today, l bought 3s lipos, they r too much its fast but not needed. my bro had some 5200 2s lipos worked like a dream. also top heavy with 3s. overall this thing is a BEAST. i drove it hard, just scratched the body! first upgrades will be better tires, probably 2.2s, with some brass...
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    My New House & Workshop

    let my try my luck before i google this, may even wait a few responses: ohm's law.... that is/ has something to with the: the eagle flew over the indian and rock right? (E = IxR) where you can plug n play 2 variables, to solve for the third? im a plumber by trade, pretty sure my pay gets cut if...
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    Say something about the person above you

    needs a v8 in their ranger
  14. 2drxploder

    softening Rc tires

    boil foam for 1 minute