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  1. 1985 2.8L 2WD Tranny Cross Member and Driveshaft

    I have a 1985 Ranger 2WD 2.8L...what is the driveshaft length of a 2WD vs. a 4WD and are they interchangeable? Also, can an '87 tranny crossmember be used on an '85? The bolt holes look the same on-line, but ford's website gives every year a different part number even though they say 83-89 are...
  2. BRAND NEW!! (for me) 1985 2.8 Ranger 2WD

    I just bought an '85 Ranger 2.8L 6 CYL 2 BBL 2WD with 66K miles...I've been going thru the manual for the basics...oil/filter, transmission fluid, rear diff fluid and spark plugs/distributor cap. Are all those applications still the same? Any updates...where can I find them? And the most...