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Feels good, man.

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Default 2WD lift questions.

Hey, guys.

I'm new to the forums and off-road trucks in general. I got a '97 2WD, and just put the SkyJacker 6" (rear blocks) on it three or four weeks ago. When I finished it, the truck sat level. I took it out to the woods, and then the front sat lower than the rear. I took it out again a few days ago, and now it seems the back sits lower. Is this normal break-in, or did I mess some stuff up? Everything seems to be in good working order (nothing bent or broken). I don't seem to have as much clearance as I used to.

Thanks in advance.
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Did you take measurements of before and after as instructed by Skyjacker? If so, your in good shape, Just refer back to those measurements to confirm what you believe your seeing. Sometime, your eyes can play tricks on you. Also, if you didn't get it aligned, your alignment being out can cause suspension loading and unloading depending on what's out of spec.
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