View Full Version : Door-Window Removal

07-25-2008, 11:24 PM
first off, I have searched TRS, and even Google, and Yahoo Answers for the answer for this and haven't found anything helpfull... Maybe my searching skills are just VERRRY lacking, but I don't think so..

I am trying to take the door glass out of the doors on my '93 Ranger. I have spent three damn hours trying to figure it out, and it is really startign to piss me off...

Does the bracket that rivets to the window have to be drilled out/ off in order to get the window out? I got the vertical slider that the window slides on off (had to bend the brackets, so I doubt that was the right way), and even then I could not get it out, no matter how I twisted the window.. I have all the trimm off of the door, it can not be any more stripped down than it is other than the window crank insde, and door handles..

Anybody have any suggestions?

Any help would be appreciated!

EDIT: Just called my buddy and he told me. Have to drill out the rivets that hold the bracket thing to the glass itself. Then it just slides up with a twist and it comes right out.