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09-16-2011, 01:00 AM
Hi Everyone, so I'm looking for input towards the first stage of my dream ranger. The 08 fx4 stock is pretty sweet as it is, although the front end sits a little low. I bought the truck in december, shipped out (I work in the merchant marine) and came home in June, and I've basically just been enjoying the stock truck and wearing the brand new tires down that came with it. I haven't had any real trouble, got it at 67,000 miles, now at 80,000 miles, pretty solid and reliable the whole time I've had her, although I've been easy on her this summer not hitting any really rough trails or anything.

Anyway, so I am about to leave again for another 6 months, and I have decided on a 12-13k budget for when I return, and I'll be ordering the parts and having them sent home waiting for my eager hands :) wait...I think my fiance might want to see me too...she'll just have to understand haha.

I have become obsessed with my truck (as I should be) and I can't wait to get back off my ship and put all the new toys on my truck, I have even written up a word document with all listed parts and average prices, that's how I came by the 12-13k budget

My goals are as follows, any and all suggestions are welcomed. The pic is the state of the truck now, minus the stupid hood bug guard thing, and the side steps too...

Keep/upgrade torsion bar front suspension, new #1 bars + re-indexed keys, cranked to about 75% of max, hoping on like a 4-5" possible?? Thats all that's definite, but what about longer control arms+longer cv shafts? Or, is the superlift kit worth it?

new rear leafs w/shackles, maybe plus add-a-leafs. I was wondering about a sway bar and/or stabilizer bars

33x12 aggressive all terrain on 16x10 rims, I want like an old school looking rim, all chrome, no fake beadlocks or anything stupid like that, just basic, deep chrome

Pretty sure on a 3" body lift, I love the body the way it is, so I am against trimming unless I'm really convinced

New front and rear driveshafts, no details as of yet though...good thing i don't have the carrier bearing though *whew*

Re-gearing to 4.56, and adding a nice diff cover for the rear

Minor engine mods, intake, exhaust, I'm open to anything that doesn't involve removing the engine from the truck

Brake upgrades, I was thinking just performance calipers, rotors and pads for the front, and for the rear, are there performance pads or anything? I'm keeping the rear for now so now disc brakes...any suggestions on the drums are welcome though

Definitely new badass shocks

Clutch? I think mine should be fine, but feel free to inform me otherwise, or about anything that I might be missing

Also getting a new stereo system, nice seats, maybe new console, toolbox, maybe some lights/lightrail, all the necessary things like straps and come-alongs, fire-extinguisher, etc etc

Please, any and all suggestions, input, knowledge, whatever, shoot

****BTW, stage II, a few years from now, will involve engine, tranny removed, rebuilt engine/ new heads, completely remapped front and rear suspension, etc etc

09-16-2011, 06:53 AM
Sounds like overkill....

I'd suggest doing a lot of research before you start tearing into a nearly new truck. Some of the stuff you're talking doesnt make much sense to me maybe, but maybe I just don't get the whole point of WHY you're doing this. Will this be a daily driver, or a toy, and if a toy, for rocks or mud? Whats gears are in it now that you feel you need 4.56s? I have 4.10's with a 3.0 and I'm happy, and while I haven't driven 4.0 SOHC's too often, the 4.0 ohv's seem to lose their steam in the upper RPM's so why you'd need such low gearing is a mystery. With the body lift, it's been mentioned there are issues with the shifters and how they come thru the floor when you change body heights. With cranking torsion bars, you may get the front to come up a little bit, but I don't know how much more height you'll gain, and be prepared to deal with a stiffer ride because of the preload.

All I guess I'm saying is explore the site a little, see what others have done, what issues they've encountered, and then decide whether or not you really need to blow $12,000-$13,000 on your truck. Drive it long enough that you have a good idea of what it's shortcomings are for what you intend to do with it or you'll piss away a lot of money in a hurry.

Welcome, and also......


09-16-2011, 07:18 AM
if your spending 12-13k you can pretty much do whatever the hell you want, why dont get someone to do a solid axel swap? if you want 4" of lift do the superlift, everything you mentioned up there came to about maybe 4k in total?

09-16-2011, 08:39 AM
There's no way I'd drop $12K and still have IFS. If you want that much lift, go for a solid axle swap, you could probably pay to have it done for that much. Plus, you won't get as much lift as you want from the torsion bars.

That said, just a body lift a slight torsion twist will allow you to run 33s.

09-16-2011, 01:25 PM
I guess it's a toy, I don't drive to work since I ship out (right now its about to bring some of my dads junk to the dump) but the budget is definitely a little inflated for sure...you guys raise some good questions, thanks.

09-16-2011, 01:53 PM
Well, one big purpose is to have a project to look forward to after 6 mos on a ship, thats a big thing. but really all that is necessary is the front end raised a little bit, and I'd like some 33s. After reading a lot before it sounded like as soon as you put anything over stock you end up losing power, so that's where I was with the gears.

09-16-2011, 02:34 PM
Dude, I can buy a complete really tricked out turnkey running beautiful truck for that price!!!! What are you doing there?? Don't wast that much money on a Ranger. Buy a full size and run the pee out of it. That is what I would do. I can use that much money for a lot of things and still have a lot of money left over........

09-16-2011, 07:38 PM
There's nothing wrong with having a toy, it just seems like a waste of a good truck. Many people would love to have a nice newer FX 5spd. In my mind at least, a project should be something you build, like maybe something 1993-1997 without IFS, without PATS (something you'll deal with if you ever do that engine swap you mentioned), and cheaper to find. Drive the '08 as is and enjoy it, then BUILD what you want and save the money for something else.

So, about them pics....