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08-23-2007, 11:42 AM
Hey Gents, how is everyone? I am looking to get rid of my 35x12.50x15 tires and goto something like 37 or 38 inch tall tires. Problem is they only seem to make them 15.50 inches wide in a mickey thompson mtz radial or radial baja claws. I know with the 5.0 and my 5.13 gears i should have no problems pushing the truck around....but can anyone else see any problems occurring because of the width? Or any recommendations on what brands? I am really not as worried about performance as I am the look. I know I will never do anything more than go oofrading once maybe 2 x's a month. And when I do, its gonna be me just playing around. SO does anybody have any recommendations of a beefy tire with a mud type tread that is a 20-25,000 mile tire? If i wasnt using this truck on cold and rainy days i would go with something radical like a tall thin bogger!!! But I was told they wear really fast and you alway s have to get alignments because they beat your front end!!? I am asking here because I dont think anyelse would run such big tires without a v-8 in thier ranger!!!

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08-23-2007, 02:27 PM
There really isn't anything wrong with a 13.50in wide tire. Some place do offer the larger sizes in a 12.50 but you have to call. I can't really thing of any problems other than you will want at least a 10 inch wide rim. A bogger won't beat the suspension much more than any other aggressive tire. As with any mud tire you are going to give up a little tread life on the street.