View Full Version : April 2011 Street Truck Of The Month - sohc86-06

Jim Oaks
05-04-2011, 09:02 PM

Owner: sohc86-06
Vehicle: 1994 Ford Ranger
306 V8 with Trick Flow heads, Edelbrock intake, Professional Products fuel rail 24 lbs injectors, 70mm Edelbrocke MAF, BBK cold air intake for fox body Mustang, under drive pulleys, 7-quart deep sump oil pan.

T5 manual with center force dual friction clutch, 13" Mustang Cobra front brakes, 11.5" Cobra rear disc brakes crossed an sloted rotors. 4-5 drop 17/9 275/40/17s' Bullits up front, 315/35/17 deep dish Bullits out back, '06 Ranger emblems and tail lights.

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