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Some people doing their own custom suspension setups (such as solid axle swaps - aka SAS) have researched to find the coil spring rates of various coils to use in their Ford Ranger. We have gathered that information and placed it here so it's in one place.

For reference, the stock Ford Ranger coil spring rate is 500 PPI (Pounds Per Inch)

Skyjacker 4" coils = 450 PPI
Skyjacker 6" coils = 410 PPI
Skyjacker 8" coils = 410 PPI
Skyjacker Cherokee 6" coils (pt# JC60F) = 240 PPI (solid axle)

Jeep XJ coils = 180-220 PPI

Early Bronco 5.5" Deaver coils - 340-360 PPI (solid axle)

Deaver 4" Superflex coils = 350 PPI (solid axle)
Deaver 6" Superflex coils = 300 PPI (solid axle)

Rough Country 4" coils = 434 PPI

Trailmaster 4" coils = 445 PPI

Superlift 4" coils = 530 PPI

Jeep Rancho 6423 coils = 240 PPI (solid axle)

Rusty's Offroad coils = 150 PPI

James Duff 3" Progressive-rate coils = estimated 400-500 PPI (conflicting, dual rate #)


Need to calculate a different spring rate? go to our Spring Rate Calculator.






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