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Vehicle pulls to one side

1. Tire pressures uneven
2. Defective tire
3. Excessive wear in suspension or steering components
4. Front end in need of alignment.
5. Front brakes dragging. Inspect the brakes

Shimmy, shake or vibration

1. Tire or wheel out-of-balance or out-of-round. Have professionally balanced.
2. Loose, worn or out-of-adjustment rear wheel bearings
3. Shock absorbers and/or suspension components worn or damaged

Excessive rolling and/or pitching around corners or during braking

1. Defective shock absorbers. Replace' as a set
2. Broken or weak springs and/or suspension components.

Excessively stiff steering

1. Lack of fluid in power steering fluid reservoir
2. Incorrect tire pressures
3. Lack of lubrication at steering joints
4. Front end out of alignment.
5. Lack of power assistance

Excessive play in steering

1. Loose front wheel bearings
2. Excessive wear in suspension or steering components
3. Steering gearbox damaged or out of adjustment

Lack of power assistance

1. Steering pump drive belt faulty or not adjusted properly
2. Fluid level low
3. Hoses or lines restricted. Inspect and replace parts as necessary.
4. Air in power steering system. Bleed the system

Excessive tire wear (no specific area)

1. Incorrect tire pressures
2. Tires out-of-balance. Have professionally balanced.
3. Wheels damaged. Inspect and replace as necessary.
4. Suspension or steering components excessively

Excessive tire wear to outside edge

1. Inflation pressures incorrect
2. Excessive speed in turns.
3. Front end alignment incorrect (excessive toe-in). Have professionally aligned.
4. Suspension arm bent or twisted

Excessive tire wear to inside edge

1. Inflation pressures incorrect
2. Front end alignment incorrect (toe-out). Have professionally aligned.
3. Loose or damaged steering components

Tire tread worn in one place

1. Tires out-of-balance.
2. Damaged or buckled wheel. Inspect and replace if necessary.
3. Defective tire





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