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Spring 2008

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Welcome to the Spring 2008 edition of our on-line Magazine. 

Thank you to those of you who have contributed articles to make this possible.


  • Jim Oaks

  • 4byRANGER

  • Josh Lee

  • compleckz

  • rocket5979

  • Zedmaster

  • kunar

  • Jason Raney


    What's Happening?

    Suggestions? - What type of articles would you like to see?

    Technical Articles

    Suspension Joints - Jim Oaks shows the various types of suspension joints..

    CD Install - 4byRANGER covers a AM/FM/CD install in a 1995 Ford Ranger.

    Lock Right Install - Josh Lee shows how he set up a Lock Right in his Ford 7.5-Inch axle.

    Tail Light Upgrade -  compleckz discusses replacing factory 1993-1997 Ranger tail lights with tail lights from a 2001-2006 Ranger and wiring them to work.

    How To Set Up Nitrous Oxide - rocket5979 discusses properly choosing and setting up nitrous oxide on your Ford Ranger.

    Changing Your Fuel Filter - Zedmaster discusses changing your fuel filter and the proper tool needed to do the job.

    Ford Ranger 'High Rider' STX - Kunar covers the infamous 'High Rider' STX Ranger and shows the differences in its suspension compared to stock 4x4 Rangers.

    Featured Vehicles

    Punisher - A close look at Jason Raney's 'Punisher'. With a 357 V-8, 2.5-Ton axles and 44-Inch TSL's, this thing is a beast!



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