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What's Going On:

Name Changes & Restructuring - What's been going on around here.
The Ranger Militia - Still growing..........

Special Events:

TRS Banner Across America Part 2 - In the last issue, the banner made it to Tennessee. Can the members of our forum continue its journey to the Pacific Ocean passing it off from one member to the next? We're going to find out.


TRS WAG's (Wives & Girlfriends) - A new challenge for 2011.
Keya - The TRS Ranger Chick from Texas.

Technical Articles:

Explorer 5.0L Swap - Yet another Explorer 5.0L swap. This time it's going in a to a 1995-1997 Ford Ranger.
4.0L OHV Gasket Replacement - Replacing Valve Cover Gaskets, Fuel Rail Gaskets & Lower Intake Gaskets in a 4.0L OHV engine.
SOHC 4.0L Plugs & Wires - Changing Spark Plugs and Wires on a SOHC 4.0L.
M5OD-R1HD Transmission Swap - Replacing a M5OD-R1 with a M5OD-R1HD manual transmission.
M5OD Transmission Swap - Transmission Swap (FM146 to M5OD) and Complete Clutch Upgrade
PML Diff Cover - Installing a PML differential cover.

98+ Up Front Clip Conversion - Replacing a 1993-1997 front clip with a 1998-newer front clip.

Keyless Entry - Installing Keyless Entry in Manual 1993-1997 Doors.

Featured Vehicles:

Angry Irons Rally Ranger - A look at a 1990 Ford Ranger built for Rally Racing.



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