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How To: Install a PML Differential Cover on a Ford 8.8 Axle

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Original Poster: korey89

Difficulty: 3 out of 10

Time to install: 25 minutes

Disclaimer: The Ranger Station.com, The Ranger Station.com Staff, nor the original poster are responsible for you doing this modification to your vehicle. By doing this modification and following this how-to you, the installer, take full responsibility if anything is damaged or messed up. If you have questions, feel free to PM the original poster or ask in the appropriate section of The Ranger Station.com forums.

Brief Explanation: Here is how to install a PML differential cover on an 8.8 axle

Tools Needed:

  • Socket set

  • Ratchet

  • Allen key set

  • Scraper

  • Flathead screwdriver

  • Drain pan

Parts Needed:

  • PML cover

  • Black RTV

  • Brake parts cleaner (non-chlorinated)

  • Blue Loctite

  • 80w90 gear oil (4 quarts)

  • Limited slip additive (if truck is equipped with one)



*As you can see the axle was previously drained of fluid and was on jackstands, however the installation process is the same.

This cover features raised fins for added cooling, as well as 0.6qt over stock fluid capacity. It also features an added magnetic drain plug, fill plug, and level check hole. There is also a small raised portion on the right side which can be drilled and tapped for a temperature sending unit.

The cover is available in black powercoated (as shown), polished, and as cast finishes. A 7.5 version is also available for those with that axle. For more information on them click the logo below.






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