Name: Mark Wills

Forum Name / Link: BLOODBANE

Location: Canon City, Colorado

Year Born: 1970

Occupation: Rancher

Hobbies: RC cars, Ford RBV’s, Suzuki Samurais

Vehicle Details:

1984 Ranger – 347 Stroker, C6, Dana 20, Dana 35/8.8 (Explorer axle 31 spline) 4:45’s with Lock Right front Detroit rear, 36×13.5×15 TSL IROCs, 4″ suspension 2″ body lift, Fiberglass front fenders/ cut out rears

1994 Explorer – 4″ suspension 3″ body lift, Dana 35/8.8, 4:88’s, Lock Rights F/R, 35×12.5×15 BFG KM2’s, homemade snorkel.

How long you’ve been a member of TRS?

Since early 2000’s


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