Lighting, Wiring, Horns, & On-Board Air


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Off-Road Lighting

How To Choose An Off-Road Light

Electrical – Lighting

High Beam Upgrades

Rewire Fog Lights For All Light Settings

Fog Light Bulb Upgrade

2007 Fog Light All Light Modification

2007 Turn Signal Modification

Wiring For Trailer Lights

LED Lights

89-92 Ford Ranger Headlight Moisture Repair

1993-1997 Taillight Upgrade

Dull Headlight Lens Fix

Yellow Headlight Lens Fix

Polishing Your HeadLights & Taillights

1993-1997 To 2001-2005 Taillight Swap


Ford Electrical Connector Identification

How To Use Relays

Selecting Wire Size

Properly Wiring Accessories

On-Board Air

On Board Air – Options & Reviews

On Board Air From Ford A/C Compressor

Onboard Air From Sanden A/C Air Compressor

On-Board Air From York Compressor

York Compressor Service Manual

1993 Ford Ranger On-Board Air Using A/C Comp


Kleinn Train Horns

Short Burst Horn Mod

Ford Ranger Horn Upgrade