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Ranger Based Vehicle (RBV) Photo Galleries


NOTICE: When I created The Ranger Station back in 1999, people started sending me photos and details about their trucks, so I created this gallery. Back around 2007/2008 I added photoplog to our forum which allowed members the opportunity to upload their own photos to a gallery. At that point, I stopped adding photos to this gallery. From there, I would occasionally feature a vehicle on this site. In 2019 I updated our forum software to something more mobile and user friendly. I was unable to import the photoplog to the new software, so those photos are currently just sitting in a folder. A new media library has taken it's place in the forum. In 2020, I decided to revive this old gallery in honor of the 20 year history of The Ranger Station. If you're wondering why the photos are small, it's because screen sizes / resolution was much smaller 20 years ago than they are today.


1983-1997 Ford Ranger 4x4's


1998-2004 4x4 Ranger's


Solid Front Axle RBV's


Street Ranger's

Pre-Runner Ranger's

Ford Bronco II's


Public Safety Ford Rangers & Bronco II's


(Vehicles Are No Longer Added To These Galleries)




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