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Alternative Fuels & Energy For discussing topics such as ethanol, hydrogen, biodiesel, propane, natural gas, solar, electric, etc.

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Old 03-28-2011, 04:39 PM   #31
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I've been driving my `00 3.0 4x4 "V" single cab on the e85 around here (Boise, ID, and the fuel comes from the local Sinclair/Stinker Station) for about a year now and getting mixed anywhere from 15-18 mpg, usually get 16-20 on regular 87 unleaded. I can tell this last batch might be a little on the sweet side cause I'm having a harder time starting and getting up to temp. I can noticeably feel the power increase (seat of the pants at least), especially against the winter 87 octane gasoline.

Is it worth tuning the 3.0? This is just my daily driver/shop truck so I'm not really looking to scorch the strip or anything like that. I just know there's a lot of untapped potential in the e85 fuel and the architecture of the flex fuel vehicle itself so why not take advantage of it

Also - I've got about 10-20 gallons of old methanol from the sprint car thats been in a barrel now for a couple years. Its no good for any racing applications (obviously) but does anyone know if its possible to mix me up a home brew with some regular gas and maybe a blending agent just so I can use up the stuff? Kind of a flex fuel/garbage disposal/mr. fusion theory

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Here's my issue with the E85. I tried it last fall when there was a big difference in price realizizing that my mileage could be inpacted. After the 2nd tank my engine light came on and codes were lean fuel. We founs a bad hose, had it fixed. E85 jumped in price so I went back to E85. Just 2 weeks ago there was about $.65 differnce, so I switched back to E85. Performance I haven't noticed any difference, but again after the second tank, my engine light came back on, lean fuel codes. Filled up with regular, reset codes & back to normal. Makes me think that my sesnors not picking up the E85 and making the proper adjustments. Thoughts?
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James86 will become famous soon enough

AFAIK, only a year or two - mine included - actually had alcohol sensors:

Otherwise I'm not sure how other years determine the alcohol blend. As for power, the owner's manual itself shows a power INCREASE:

My owner's manual:

I didn't need to see it in my manual to notice it was there either. My last fill up almost exclusively in town driving I got maybe 11mpg but with all the humidity, the A/C has always been on as well. Last price I looked was $2.70~ E85 and $3.60~ gas roughly.
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Old 03-01-2012, 01:08 AM   #34
Cody Ray
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I run E85 when making the trip from Phoenix to Flagstaff, AZ. The slight increase in hp/torque along with the higher octane makes the trip easier. Don't have to go WOT as often to climb the hill or pass old people.
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Old 10-02-2018, 11:16 PM   #35
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My 2000 3.0 Flex Fuel has lived on a diet of premium gas to fight pinging its whole life and it just turned 183,000 miles. I just swapped heads and head gaskets, so my carbon buildup should be minimal.

A Racetrack station by my parents has E85 and its a 45 minute drive on the highway from my house. My worry is if the E85 cleans the varnish out of the fuel system and crams it into the new injectors.

Would filling it up 3/4 way with gas and 1/4 E85 be a safe start? The truck has had the fuel filter changed at least every 30,000 miles with the trans filter change. Sometimes sooner.
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