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I have a 1993 ranger XLT with the 2.3 manual transmission. My question is has anyone heard of using hydraulic oil as the fluid instead of using automatic transmission fluid an if so will it work or not
Had my exhaust put on finally dynomax cat back and the Flowmaster cat sounds great and the power seems a lot better acceleration is better than when it was new. If it lasts a 2 or three years in the rust belt area I will be even more happy.
This dude has AIDS.
I do? Really? You've examined me like my doctor has and made that determination? Wow! I'll be sure and tell him on my next examination. Thanks for the tip.
Hey new to the forum, I seen a post that caught my eye. I have a 2003 ford explorer with the 4.0 and did a lift kit and then put 4.56 gears in the rear end and now the speedo is giving me fits. I read your post on Dakota Digital. I was wondering did you have to disable the ABS to make this work, or was the VSS was good enough to make it work. I know some these vehicles use both vss and oss.
No, I didn't disable the ABS. The instructions say to connect after the ABS controller or the ABS may not work properly. I couldn't figure out which wire to tie into so I just pulled the instrument panel out and tied into a wire going to the speedometer.
Thanks , and that worked for you, and you were able to get your speedo to calibrate somewhat close?
Hey gw33gp is there anyway we can talk. I got my SGI-100BT. Trying to get this working. This is the truck my wife drives, so I have limited time to keep it torn apart. 269-539-1732.
I'm just giving you the gears (pun intended) about the T5 behind a 2.3 turbo in a T-Bird as you were close but not perfect. :p

Reverse 3.76
1st 4.03
2nd 2.37
3rd 1.49
4th 1
5th 0/81

We wouldn't want your public to think you anything less than infallible. :geek:

What's up man. Thats a dope 2nd gen ya got there.
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Cologne Ranger
Thanks. Can't wait to post up more pictures as I fix a few minor things a previous owner did, (like the ugly after market tailgate and bumper.) Good to hear from you!