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Hey guys im new to the rangerstation ! I hope you guys can help me out ! I have a 1986 ford ranger 2.9L 5speed 4x4 . My problem with the truck is that my 4hi will not engage... i have tried letting it roll back and nothing. But my 4Lo works like a dream ! Any advice as to how i can fix this issue ?
You won’t get any traffic here... try posting a thread in the transfer cases forum for a faster response.
Hey man I’ve been stalking your post about the ls swap. 1) what motor mounts are you using? 2) what headers are those? 3) how is your wiring? Im Considering a custom plug and play but it’s expensive!
1998 Mazda B2500, manual transmission, 2 wheel drive. My rpm's stay at 2 when shifting into 5th gear but I have no power. Gas pedal all the way to floor. All started after I replaced spark plugs and sparkplug wires . Engine also makes a loud noise . Help is appreciated.
Jenni, you won’t get any answers here. Try starting a thread in the 4-cylinder engines forum. You’ll get a quick response that way.
Unhooking negative battery cable with engine running not a good idea on 1990 and up vehicles, it can blow out alternator's internal regulator, it can also cause a voltage spike which can damage electronics
In the days of external voltage regulators it was fine to do, not any more
Hello, I’ve got a Ford ranger 2011-WE. The car broke a timing belt after every 7days. I’ve already changed 4 times. With other items that need to be changed together it’s so expensive. I’ve also replace a tensioner but nothing. Pls guys help me if you can. Appreciate thank you.
I don,t know if your still around but was reading an old post about putting a e150 tank in the rear of your ranger. How did it fit and do you have any pics?
Anyone know why I can't get my push rod that goes from the clutch pedal to the master cylinder mounted back into the hole that leads to the master cylinder?